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The curriculum of the program in the Department of Mathematics is designed to provide a broad education in both theoretical and applied mathematics. It also develops the scientific knowledge and the problem solving, computing, and communications skills that are critical to a successful mathematically based career.

MA 385 - Quality Methods

Introduction to various aspects of statistical quality control and statistical process control to include the following topics: importance of variance reduction and probability concepts influencing product quality and reliability; development and application of control charts (P-charts, NP-charts, C-charts, U-charts, individual’s charts, moving range charts, X-bar and R as well as X-bar and S charts); process capability indices (their use and misuse); introduction to acceptance sampling. Other topics to be included as time allows: 6 sigma thinking, gauge reproducibility and repeatability, and total quality management with the philosophies of Deming, Juran, and Crosby. Review of fundamental prerequisite statistics will be included as necessary. Same as BE 385