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A fall image of White Chapel seen from across Speed Lake with a fountain in the lake spewing water into the air


We understand how important a healthy spiritual life can be. Besides the White Chapel, Rose‑Hulman students can take advantage of several local campus ministries.

What We Offer

We know the special role a strong spiritual life can play in the lives of our students and faculty. One of our most striking campus buildings is the White Chapel, a nondenominational place of worship and contemplation.

Here are a few of the local religious organizations with college outreach services:

Baptist College Ministry
800 N. 6th Street in Terre Haute.

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF)
CSF is a non-denominational organization, open to all students located at 732 North 5th Street in Terre Haute.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
The Intervarsity chapter at Rose-Hulman is student run and is open to everyone.

St. Joseph University Parish
St. Joseph's is a Catholic parish located at 113 S. 5thStreet in Terre Haute. Besides providing spiritual supportfor the many families of the parish, St. Joseph's is also home to a campus ministry which serves the Catholic students of all area campuses.

United Campus Ministries (UCM)
In addition to regularly scheduled programming and events, UCM also provides pastoral care, counseling, and ministerial services. We are located at 321 North 7th Street in Terre Haute. There are many other churches, synagogues and a mosque in the Terre Haute area to service students of all faiths.


Services are only listed for those that take place on campus and in the chapel.

Aug 26 Orientation Weekend Service 7 p.m. St. Joseph University Parish
Aug 27 Orientation Weekend Service 5 p.m. United Campus Ministries
Aug 27 Following Jesus at Rose 7:30 p.m. RHIT Intervarsity Group 
Oct 28 Catholic Mass  7 p.m. St. Joseph University Parish 
Dec 12 Catholic Mass 7 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
Jan 27 Catholic Mass 7 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
Feb 14 Ash Wednesday Service 4 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
Feb 17 Catholic Mass 7 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
Mar 17 Catholic Mass 7 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
May 19 Catholic Mass 7 p.m. St. Joseph Univeristy Parish 
White Chapel in autumn

Beautiful White Chapel

With its serene view of Speed Lake, White Chapel is the perfect place for worship, weddings, and other occasions. Learn about regularly scheduled services, renting the chapel, and more.