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What Others Say About Us

All colleges will tell you how great they are. But we don't have to. That's because we have plenty of enthusiastic parents, students and alumni who tell everyone why they love Rose‑Hulman.

At Rose-Hulman, we think we do a lot of things right.

We’re making STEM education more relevant to today’s students by incorporating more cross-disciplinary, team-centered and hands-on learning. Our professors are experts in their fields but keep their focus on teaching. And our students have a support system in place to help them tackle an unabashedly challenging curriculum. That’s what we think we’re doing right.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our students, parents and alumni think makes Rose-Hulman the great place it is.

“Rose-Hulman's greatest strength is its emphasis on collaboration. Students are encouraged to help one another, and professors make a conscious effort to be available if students need further help. This makes the experience of Rose-Hulman a challenge faced together.” - Current student

The education is rigorous. The institution is proud of it and does not back away from the rigor.  – Current parent

“I love the school and think it is a great fit for me. I like the small campus and the small class sizes. I like how professors I had for one quarter last year still know my name and say hi to me. I like how easy it is to get help, either from tutors or people in your classes.” - Current student

“I learn more each week than I ever learned in my high school career. The hands-on aspects of labs makes each class fun! Every day is an adventure!” - Current student

“The Rose-Hulman community is one of the best things offered at the school. Everyone has the same mindset to succeed. The professors are there to help. There is no pressure or dog-eat-dog environment. The curriculum is hard, but it makes for the most successful engineers and scientists.” - Current student

“Rose-Hulman's level of rigor is high but the quality of its graduates and staff is even higher.” - Debbie F. – Parent of 2017 graduate

“The professors here at Rose show that they aren't worried about research, just teaching students and making sure they understand the material.” - Current student

“This campus is very safe, and everyone respects the guidelines that are set up. Our honor code is what makes this place feel like home.” – Current student

“Rose has a reputation for developing first-rate students who compete successfully for top-tier jobs. I think this is due in part to Rose's commitment to small class sizes that allow individual attention and personal interaction with professors.” – Current parent

The people at Rose are what make it a special place. Students are friendly and there is a definitive collaborative spirit that runs free on campus. The teachers genuinely want to help students. Close relationships can be formed because of the small style environment. The education is top notch and requires a lot of hard work. But I wouldn't have it any other way! – Current student

“The small-school atmosphere is one of the best things about Rose. You get such a personal connection with the faculty, and they genuinely care about your success. Everyone is willing to help you, and there are so many resources for students to use.” -Current student

“Rose-Hulman is very focused and dedicated to teaching the undergrad students and preparing them for their next role. Rose-Hulman understands that the primary objective is to teach students, it is not to do research or raise funds for a department.” - Alumnus

“At Rose, my son is not expected to be perfect, not expected to be competitive, and is treated with the respect and support needed as a young person making their way in the world.” - Ann S. – Parent of current student

“Although Rose-Hulman is a smaller school, our daughter has been able to continue with the activities she loves – band and robotics.  She has also been actively involved in many other organizations on campus.” - Deb F. – Parent of current student

  “Being from New Hampshire we didn’t know much about Rose-Hulman. After our visit, we knew that our son had found his home for the next four years.” - Sara S. – Parent of current student

Parents, students and alumni aren't the only ones who think we're awesome. Check out some of the national recognition we've garnered. 

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