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Ready, are you?

One of these days, you plan to use your experience and education to make a difference. Here, that's sooner than you think.

There are plenty of problems in the world, and you know that science, technology, engineering and math will help solve most of them. You love a good challenge, and you can't wait to get your degree and go out into the world where you can be a force for good. That's what engineers and scientists do, right?

We know. We feel the same way.
That's why we make sure you don't have to wait four years to make a difference. Our first-year students have barely set foot on campus when they get their first chance to change someone's life for the better. We're not talking your standard blood drives or community clean-up days (although we do those things, too!), but opportunities to use the power of STEM to do something awesome--like re-engineering toys to make them more accessible for kids with disabilities.

Last year, a senior design team designed and built a custom bike that enabled a girl with physical challenges keep up with her friends. A multidisciplinary team of students designed and built a lift to allow a local food pantry to better handle donations. Another group built an assistive device that helped a little boy halfway around the world gain the strength to walk unaided. Other students developed appropriate technology to help supply clean water in underdeveloped countries.

And they all got course credit for their work because Rose recognizes the value of putting your classroom lessons into action.

But it doesn't stop there.
Our students and professors work together to reach out into the local community and show kids how cool STEM is. We started an after school program to teach elementary school kids about sustainability, math and science through a community gardening project, and we hosted a an event where kids learned how to use power tools--part of a program started by one of our rockstar alumnae. Every year, Rose students work with local Girl Scouts doing cool projects that help them earn badge for engineering. And during the holidays, we build and inspect hundreds of bicycles for underprivileged kids during our annual community bicycle assembly day. 

Ready to make a difference? Learn more about us or schedule a visit and come see for yourself!

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