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Course Descriptions

The curriculum of the program in the Department of Mathematics is designed to provide a broad education in both theoretical and applied mathematics. It also develops the scientific knowledge and the problem solving, computing, and communications skills that are critical to a successful mathematically based career.

MA 382 - Introduction to Statistics with Probability

This is an introductory course in statistical data analysis and mathematical statistics. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, Sampling distributions (including the entral Limit Theorem), point estimation, Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for both one and two populations, linear regression, and analysis of variance. Emphasis will be placed on both data analysis and mathematical derivations of statistical techniques. A computer package will be used for statistical analysis and simulation. Experimental data from a variety of fields of interest will also be used to illustrate statistical concepts and facilitate the development of the student's statistical thinking. A student cannot take both MA 223 and MA 382 for credit.