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For High School Counselors & Teachers

If you have a student you feel would be a good fit for Rose‑Hulman, here are some ways you can help to make that happen.

Thanks for your interest in Rose-Hulman!

For high school juniors
Tell your high-achieving juniors about our intensive, hands-on summer program: Operation Catapult. They'll live on campus and get a feel for what engineering education is all about. Learn more about Operation Catapult.

Being a reference
Has a student asked you to write a letter of recommendation for his or her Rose-Hulman application? When you write your letter, please keep in mind that our students must have strong teamwork, cooperation and leadership skills. We look for well-rounded individuals, so any specificity you can provide on those skills will help in our decision process.


We offer five summer programs to help prospective students discover their potential in STEM. More detailed information regarding our summer programs can be found here.

Chart of summer programs showing what grad level is eligible for each

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Why Rose-Hulman?

You can get a degree anywhere, so why come to Rose‑Hulman? We’re glad you asked!

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton has served as Dean of Admissions since 2013. She is a recipient of the President’s Outstanding Service Award and has been an officer for the Indiana Association of College Admissions Counseling, including serving as its president.

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