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Office of Financial Aid

Your education is one of the most important investments you'll ever make. We're here to help you and your family discover how to make your college experience affordable.


We’re dedicated to helping you find the resources you need to attend Rose-Hulman, whether that comes in the form of grants, loans, work-study, scholarships or a combination of them all.


Use our interactive scholarship estimator tool to see the amount of scholarships and other financial assistance from Rose-Hulman.

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Net Price Calculator

Use our Net Price Calculator to better understand your educational costs.

Financial Aid Newsletter - Spring 2023

Check out Issue 3 of the Financial Aid Newsletter for Spring 2023, where you can find valuable information including important dates for Spring 2023!

FAFSA Simplification Fact Sheet

Learn more about recent key changes to filing your FAFSA form.


Co-op students are not eligible for financial aid for the quarters in which they are participating in their co-op. Students are considered enrolled at the university if they go through the proper Co-op process with Career Services, but the courseload is “zero” credit hours and a tuition charge is not assessed. Since there are no credit hours and there is no tuition charge, students are not eligible for financial aid.

Your financial aid notification is based on a full academic year (fall, winter, spring terms) of full-time enrollment.  If your plans change, your award will be adjusted accordingly, including for students who may choose to go on co-op during the fall, winter, or spring terms. 

During the terms for which a student is on co-op, financial aid is put on hold and no awards are disbursed onto the student’s account for that term or terms.  If a student plans to enroll in courses while on co-op, we recommend you meet with a financial aid counselor to determine your eligibility for financial aid at less than full-time status. 



Will I be charged for anything while on co-op?

There is a $50 co-op fee, and the Technology fee.  If you use student health insurance, that fee will also be included.  Also, if you do choose to enroll in courses while on co-op, you will be charged for tuition based on the number of credit hours for which you enroll. 

Can I receive financial aid while I am not enrolled in classes and participating in a professional co-op experience?

You do not receive financial aid when you participate in a professional co-op as you are generally not enrolled in courses. 

What if I am planning on taking courses toward my degree while I am participating in a co-op.  Can I receive financial aid for these courses?

If you are taking at least 6 credit hours during the fall, winter or spring terms while participating in a co-op, you may be eligible to receive a portion of your financial aid for these courses.  You should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss what aid you would be eligible for at less than full-time status. 

If I am not able to complete my undergraduate degree in 4 years due to my time spent on co-op, what are my financial aid options for a 5th year? 

Your financial aid eligibility will extend into a 5th academic year.  You should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your specific aid and what would be available to you for the terms beyond 4 years.   

Can I use the scholarship money I did not receive during co-op in the summer?

Rose-Hulman financial aid does not apply to the summer term, therefore your eligibility will extend into a 5th academic year (fall, winter, and spring terms). 

Will my student loans go into repayment while I am “out of school” on co-op?

Students are considered enrolled at the university while on co-op when the proper steps are taken with Career Services.  Therefore, your student loans will remain deferred and will not be impacted by your time on co-op.

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Apply for Financial Aid

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Grants, Scholarships

Rose-Hulman students are excellent candidates for scholarships because of good grades and a focus on community service. Those are two factors scholarship grantors love to reward!

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Work Study

More than half of our students participate in either the Federal Work Study or Rose-Hulman Work Opportunity program.

Melinda Middleton

Melinda Middleton

Melinda Middleton oversees Rose-Hulman’s Office of Financial Aid as the department’s director. She and the rest of the Financial Aid staff can help you make sense of the loans, grants and scholarships available. They take pride in helping our students find ways to make a Rose-Hulman education an affordable investment in their future.

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