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Smiling male and female students work on robotics project.

Cross-Cutting Programs

In the real world, you’ll work with people from a variety of disciplines. That’s why we’ve built cross-cutting programs and emerging opportunities into the Rose‑Hulman experience. Students and faculty can enhance their understanding through a hands-on approach, and apply it in the real-world. Learn about our cross-cutting programs below.

Cross-Cutting Programs

Three male students work on projects in the Branam Innovation Center.

Branam Innovation Center

The BIC is more 16,000 square feet of open workspace where student project and competition teams design, develop, and bring their ideas to life.

Three female students talking and smiling while wearing ESCALATE t-shirts.


Join students from a variety of disciplines in this living-learning community with a special focus on entrepreneurship.

Three male students kneel with solar oven project.

Grand Challenges

Our students and faculty tackle the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges through a variety of co-curricular, hands-on events and projects.
A female student and a male student sort recycling materials.

HERE: Living and Learning Today for Tomorrow

Our HERE program is a first-year living-learning experience with a focus on sustainability and humanitarian engineering.

Three students in clean room attire examine metal discs.


Join multidisciplinary project teams in our state-of-the-art lab for micro and nanotechnology research and coursework.

Female and Male students participating in iGEM event.


Rose-Hulman students can participate in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, known as the premier collegiate synthetic biology event.

Female student wearing paper crown of leaves, hugging children in a village in Ghana.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a multi-national, non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving life for people living in developing countries through sustainable engineering projects. If you are up for a challenge and love helping people, EWB is for you!
A group of students sit at a table reviewing a paper form.


The purpose of the Rose-Hulman Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program is to provide students with educational opportunities for leadership that match their opportunities for developing technical skills.
Two students use a 3D printing device.

IP/ROP: Independent Project/Research Opportunities Program

Choose a project and work with a faculty mentor to find solutions and communicate your results professionally.

A male student cut a sample of fiber for a composite materials research project.

Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative

Deepen your knowledge while working with faculty mentors in the IRC program and 10-week Summer Research Experience.

Multidisciplinary Programs

Dr. Fisher works with a male student to make adjustments to a small, wheeled robot on the football field.


The intersection of computing, engineering, science, and mathematics, our robotics program will give you teamwork experience and a broader understanding of your major.

Male and female student view a computer screen.

Computational Science

We offer Computational Science as both an interdisciplinary second major, and a minor. Any student at Rose-Hulman can minor in Computational Science, a growing industry that utilizes math and the computer sciences to tackle complicated issues.

A group of male students smile as they look at a computer screen.


Rose-Hulman offers a multidisciplinary minor in imaging. Imaging concerns the collection, manipulation, analysis, generation, understanding and processing of images. It includes computer graphics, computer vision, optical imaging and filtering, signal processing and aspects of artificial intelligence.

Leadership Programs

Professor Ella Ingram leading an active panel discussion and smiling.


This participant-centered, active Making Academic Change Happen workshop is designed to help you implement your educational innovations. You will leave empowered to make a difference on your campus!
Female professor smiles slightly as she listens to a presentation during a CPSE seminar.


The Center for the Practice & Scholarship of Education helps Rose-Hulman faculty reach their full potential as educators. We have resources, seminars, and ideas to help us give our students the world's best undergraduate STEM education!
Julia Williams


Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment reports data, research, and analysis to support our mission of providing the world’s best science, engineering, and math education in an atmosphere of individual attention. We are part of a profession-wide effort to continually improve what we do as educators.
Craig Downing


Along with the other schools in the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network, Rose-Hulman is dedicated to educating the engineering leaders of the future. We share the Network’s goal of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students as an important step forward in transforming the American workforce.