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Strategic Plan 2013-18

The Strategic Plan 2013-2018 was developed following a year of gathering stakeholder input.

Strategic Plan

After a year of traveling from coast to coast to canvass the students, faculty, alumni, parents, retirees, industry partners, and peer institutions that make up the greater Rose-Hulman community, Rose-Hulman's Strategic Planning Team has produced the Strategic Plan 2013-2018.

According to Senior Vice President Robert Coons, "Everyone - no matter what age, major, location, or affiliation to Rose-Hulman - is passionate about Rose-Hulman continuing to improve while keeping intact those things that are the proven recipe to our great success: a personal, collaborative and congenial hands-on educational experience with the best faculty in science, engineering, and mathematics."

Rose-Hulman Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is to provide our students with the world's best undergraduate science, engineering, and mathematics education in an environment of individual attention and support.


Rose-Hulman graduates will be inspired and prepared for lives of purpose and success, defining and solving the problems of a complex global society.

Rose-Hulman will be a lifelong partner with our graduates and a recognized global leader in science, engineering, and mathematics education.

The Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is a reflection of that passionate commitment.

Goals and Strategies

The Strategic Planning Committee has developed strategies to guide the Rose-Hulman community to fulfill our newly redefined Mission and Vision statements. View the goals and associated strategies below.

Goal 1: Rose-Hulman will support and recognize excellence in teaching, learning, innovation, and intellectual growth-both in and out of the classroom.

Goal 1 Strategies

Strategy 1A

Establish an endowed Innovation Fund to support creative, innovative, and/or timely new educational initiatives.

Strategy 1B

Create an endowed Center for Technologically Enhanced Education to support development of online and hybrid courses and to support and inform all activities related to science, engineering, and mathematics education.

Strategy 1C

Increase the number of ways Rose-Hulman supports and recognizes excellence in teaching, professional development, and learning.

Strategy 1D

Establish endowed faculty chairs to recognize and support excellence in scholarship, teaching, or professional skills.

Strategy 1E

Construct a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified teaching and learning center to provide advanced classrooms and laboratories, as well as flexible spaces for projects.

Goal 2: Rose-Hulman will give students a vision of the breadth of their possible futures and will prepare them to achieve these futures.

Goal 2 Strategies

Strategy 2A

Convey the message to current and prospective students that a science, engineering, and mathematics education can lead to a diverse range of futures that can positively impact the world.

Strategy 2B

Provide students with instruction and experiences that will instill confidence in their science, engineering, and mathematics fundamentals, professional and success skills, and ability to rise to difficult challenges.

Strategy 2C

Require every Rose-Hulman student to have at least one meaningful international experience.

Strategy 2D

Empower students with the skills required to deal with complexity.

Goal 3: Rose-Hulman will foster a culture of lifelong connection with all of our constituents.

Goal 3 Strategies

Strategy 3A

Establish a "Forever Rose" initiative to provide increased opportunities for alumni to partner with Rose-Hulman, from participating in recruitment and admissions to enhancing a culture of connectedness and philanthropy.

Strategy 3B

Enhance and expand continuing education and other learning opportunities that can be offered online and in person to constituents.

Strategy 3C

Coordinate constituent information to ensure accessibility and transparency, and to strengthen relationships with these constituents.

Goal 4: Rose-Hulman will be a diverse, globally-connected, sought-after community in which to live, learn, and work.

Goal 4 Strategies

Strategy 4A

Enhance the campus cultural environment of inclusiveness and achieve goals for the diversity of our student body, faculty, and staff.

Strategy 4B

Provide more opportunities for community members to experience the world and its diversity.

Strategy 4C

Become a globally connected community with a physical presence outside the United States.

Strategy 4D

Be a great place to work and the employer of choice for prospective employees.

Strategy 4E

Build a next generation, LEED-certified student life center that will include dining options, meeting space, student organization space, and informal gathering areas

Goal 5: Rose-Hulman will be a model of a fiscally sustainable and affordable private institution focused on science, engineering, and mathematics education.

Goal 5 Strategies

Strategy 5A

Launch a comprehensive, five-year fundraising campaign, which will include specific goals for current, capital, and endowment support and a specific focus on student scholarship/financial aid support.

Strategy 5B

Increase the percentage of average demonstrated student financial need met by 15 percent over the course of the next five years.

Strategy 5C

Adjust the Institute's revenue mix and cost structure to enhance significantly the affordability of a Rose-Hulman education and thereby strengthen the long-term sustainability of the Institute.

Strategy 5D

Expand alternative educational offerings and revenue sources to support the core mission of the Institute.

Goal 6: Rose-Hulman will have global name recognition for the excellence of our education.

Goal 6 Strategies

Strategy 6A

Create and launch an integrated, strategic marketing plan to enhance recognition of Rose-Hulman's excellence and accomplishments through both earned and paid media.

Strategy 6B

Create "Ambassadorship Programs" to empower alumni, faculty, staff, and students to promote Rose-Hulman.

Strategy 6C

Encourage and support faculty, staff, and students in activities that bring recognition to Rose-Hulman, such as assuming leadership roles in national and/or international academic and professional organizations
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