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Image shows the door to the Rose-Hulman Health Services clinic. Open for business.

Health Services

Not feeling your best? Fell down and twisted an ankle in your intramural basketball game? Need immunizations or allergy shots? Our friendly, certified health services staff is here to help.
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Who We Are

We offer health care to all registered Rose-Hulman students at no charge. Our services are completely confidential and HIPAA compliant. 

We offer:

  • Illness and Preventive Care
  • Injury Care
  • Basic Health Services

No appointment necessary. Just drop in. 

We Can Handle...

  • Sick Visits
  • Chronic Care
  • Lab Draws
  • Well-Checks
  • Minor Injuries
  • Suture/Staple Removal
  • Vaccinations
  • Allergy Injections (with serum provided by your allergist)

Have questions about ADHD medications? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

ADHD Medication FAQs

Q: My student is from out of town and does not have a doctor near Rose-Hulman. He/she takes medication for ADHD, will he/she be able to get a prescription for this medication while attending Rose-Hulman?

A: Yes. Students may receive prescriptions for ADHD medications at the Rose-Hulman Health Services clinic.  Your student should establish care with the nurse practitioner to discuss the medication that is being used to treat his/her ADHD. The student should bring the current medication bottle to the appointment so that the correct medication and dose can be prescribed. ADHD medications cannot be electronically prescribed or called in to the pharmacy. An original prescription must be written each month.

Q: Does this mean that my student must have an appointment with the nurse practitioner every month?

A: No. The student must be seen for an appointment every third refill to check vital signs and weight and to discuss any problems or side effects that the student may be having with the medication. Between these visits the student may call, email, or stop by the health office to have the refill written without an appointment.

Q: Can my student get his/her prescription for ADHD medication filled at the Rose-Hulman Health Services Office?

A: No. While we have many over the counter and prescription medications available at the clinic pharmacy, we do not keep controlled substances such as ADHD medications on site. Your student must fill the prescription at a local retail pharmacy.

Q: My student does not have a vehicle on campus, how can he/she get the prescription filled?

A: Many students arrange to have a friend, RA, or SA assist them with a ride to one of the many local pharmacies near campus. If your student has exhausted all resources and cannot find a way to get to the pharmacy to pick up his/her medication, the Health Services staff will assist to make other arrangements.

Q: My student will be away from home and away from campus for the summer, how can he/she get this medication prescribed while out of town?

A: We will assist your student with obtaining the medication that they will need while away from campus. Arrangements must be made before your student leaves campus for the summer break.

Q: Can the Health Services office store my student's medication?

A: Health Services cannot store your student's medication in the clinic. Your student would not have access to their medication during times when the clinic is closed. 


Hours and Location

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

(Last patient sign-in at 3:30)

812-877-8367 (Phone)

812-872-6225 (Fax)


We're in the lower level of the Hulman Student Union

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