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Mathematics underlies nearly all we do at Rose‑Hulman, and a Mathematics or Biomathematics major opens the door to a vast range of career and research possibilities. Now is the perfect time to study math at Rose‑Hulman!

It all adds up

With one of the largest departments on campus, we have faculty experts in virtually every area of mathematics -- all ready to work with you one-on-one to see you succeed.

Mathematics is a practical and fascinating field, but it's also highly lucrative. Our graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries of any majors on campus, thanks to the versatility and logical rigor required to succeed as a mathematics major. Our grads have many exciting career options, including actuarial science, working in government research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and leading tech companies. 

If you love the life sciences, you'll want to explore one of our newest majors: biomathematics. This major gives you the mathematical and computational knowledge you'll need to address some of the world's most puzzling biological and health problems. Biomathematics majors have gone on to veterinarian programs and other exciting careers.

The department also directly supports two other majors. Data Science, one of the fastest growing areas in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is a second-major-only program jointly offered by Mathematics and Computer Science & Software Engineering. Our graduates get an in-depth exposure to many areas needed to succeed in the field and have been highly sought-after by companies. In addition, if you are interested in an area of study at the intersection of mathematics, science/engineering and computing, you may also want to consider a second major in computational science

We also participate in various mathematics competitions, host one of the longest-running conferences focused exclusively on undergraduate mathematics (click here for its history), and we publish the country's oldest academic journal dedicated exclusively to undergraduate mathematics research. 

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Why Mathematics at Rose-Hulman?

As an engineering college, Rose is the best place to study mathematics. For more than 100 years we have been hardwired to do high-level mathematics, an essential part of engineering and science. 

We have the number of faculty (25+) and offer a wide variety of upper-level courses (60+) you'd find at a large institution combined with the individual attention and support that is a hallmark of Rose. 

Our professors will work closely with you to make the complexities of mathematics understandable. In fact, when the  Princeton Review named six Rose-Hulman professors among the nation’s Best Professors, three of them were mathematics instructors.

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Our Majors

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

As a mathematics major, you’ll get a broad education in both theoretical and applied mathematics. You’ll also gain the scientific knowledge and the problem-solving, computing, and communication skills critical to a successful career. 

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Bachelor of Science in Biomathematics

Our biomathematics major blends mathematics, biology, and computer science. It's truly a major designed for the complex analysis at the heart of today's most exciting advances in biological and medical science. 

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Computational Science Second Major

We offer Computational Science as a second major, allowing you a great way to expand your knowledge and skill in applied scientific and engineering computation.

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Data Science Second Major

Data Science is a critical skill in the future economy and is one of the fastest growing technology employment areas. This unique interdisciplinary major offered by the CSSE and Math departments will provide you with an in-depth hands-on experience in data engineering, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

More Opportunities in Mathematics

Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Our Undergraduate Mathematics Conference spotlights the accomplishments of undergraduate mathematicians. The conference usually includes three speakers who are professional mathematicians and features talks by undergraduates. There are presentations on a variety of mathematics subjects and a panel discussion about careers and grad school options. Our conference has been running for more than 30 years and typically attracts about 140 attendees from surrounding states.

Undergraduate Mathematics Journal

The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal started in 2000 and two issues have been published each year since. The articles are original research by undergraduate students from around the world. The journal is a great opportunity to gain experience in the world of published academic work.

Minor in Mathematics

We know you can handle math, so why not minor in mathematics? The rigor, imagination and logical reasoning inherent in mathematics is something you'll take with you wherever your life takes you. We offer five different minors – mathematics, biomathematics, statistics, computational science and data science.

Math = Possibilities

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As a math major, you can dive deep into your own research projects, on and off campus. 

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Clubs and Activities

You can get involved in clubs, math competitions, and many other student organizations.

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Careers and Graduate School

You'll find our math alumni in industry, graduate schools and at research institutes.

Department News

Learn about the latest happenings, recent research, and more about Mathematics, Biomathematics and Data Science at Rose-Hulman.

Class of ’24 Graduates Honored for Scholastic Successes, Campus Leadership


Students Recognized for Top-of-Class, Academic Department Achievements


Rose-Hulman Alumna Finds Her Way to Practicing Medicine at Union Hospital

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David Rader

Dr. Rader joined Rose-Hulman in 1997 and earned the rank of full professor in 2011. He often teaches upper-level courses in probability, statistics, and operations research, and has authored or co-authored several journal articles, conference presentations and the textbook, Deterministic Operations Research: Models and Methods in Linear Optimization (2010). He has also contributed to the success of the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, where he has served as editor and assistant editor.
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