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Engineering Design

Our program gives you hands-on education taught by experienced professors from the engineering, social science, and humanities disciplines. You'll understand the depth and breadth of the design process while mastering the technical tools and professional skills to improve the world.

make the world a better place through design

As an Engineering Design major, you’ll develop expertise in product design, testing and analysis while working for real clients on authentic projects. Six design studio experiences, co-op and study abroad opportunities, and a multidisciplinary capstone project will prepare you to make the world a better place through design.

Designing the Future

As an engineering design major, you'll tackle design challenges for real-world clients beginning your first quarter on campus. In fact, you'll experience six different design studios by your junior year. 

Engineering Design is perfectly suited for today's rapidly changing, global job market. You'll gain critical communication skills, a global perspective, and a comprehensive engineering education, setting you up for a rewarding career in any field. 

You'll also be perfectly placed to choose an academic minor to complement your education, especially in the humanities and social sciences, enhancing your ability to address the world's biggest problems. 

Some specifics:

  • You'll gain a broad understanding of modeling systems, rapid prototyping, computer-aided design, machine shop techniques, electrical circuits, and software programming languages.
  • During your second year, you'll choose an area of concentration and learn the process of on-boarding into existing projects as you work with seniors one quarter and freshmen another.
  • In your junior year, you'll participate in two 20-week practicums and delve into the design process in your concentration area. The third-year curriculum is structured to allow for an international project and/or cooperative work experiences.
  • During your senior year, you'll complete your concentration and participate in a year-long, multidisciplinary capstone design experience.

Areas of Concentration 

Biomedical Engineering
Software Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering

New concentrations may be added with the approval of the Curriculum Committee.

View the Engineering Design brochure.


Design Studio in Action

Check out how students used their design studio experience to make a classic game more accessible for people with disabilities.

"Engineering design is definitely the wave of the future and will make Rose-Hulman graduates even more in demand by employers. The Engineering Design program allows young engineers to specialize in the aspects of product design that are best for them while still gaining the necessary skills to be a part of, and to lead a team of very mixed skills.”

Brian Dougherty
Director of Engineering, Rose-Hulman Ventures
BSEE 1993, MSEM 2000

Engineering Design Q&A

Have questions about our Engineering Design program? Check out this online chat session we held recently for prospective students to learn more about it.

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Patsy Brackin

Patricia Brackin

Dr. Patricia Brackin is director of Rose-Hulman's engineering design program. Her expertise is in design methodology, creativity and innovation. She spent 11 years as director of Rose-Hulman's Operation Catapult program, helping introduce high school seniors to the wonders of science and engineering. Before becoming a college professor, Dr. Brackin was a design engineer for Chicago Bridge and Iron. 

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