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Why Science at Rose‑Hulman?

Because here, real research is within reach your first year. But that’s not all.

The best way to understand science is by doing science, right? Using hands-on experimentation and the scientific method to find the answers to your questions. But at a lot of schools, you won’t even get into the lab until you’re an upperclassman, or if you do, it might be as the person who cleans the test tubes or fetches the donuts. Not at Rose-Hulman.

Marie Curie didn’t win the Nobel Prize for cleaning test tubes. Jonas Salk didn’t defeat the polio virus on his way to get the donuts.
Scientists who are at the forefront of solving some of the world’s toughest challenges do so through hands-on research. That’s why we make sure you have meaningful lab experience early and often, and access to equipment and facilities, such as our micro and nanoscale device and systems lab, and research opportunities that are off-limits to undergrads at most schools. 

Because the world doesn’t need basic biologists or physicists—it needs scientist problem-solvers.
At Rose-Hulman, you can expect to work not only with other scientists, but with engineers and mathematicians as well--whatever it takes to tackle a challenge. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a major part of the experience here, because we know that’s how big problems are solved in the real world.

Your research. Driven by you.
Our professors are some of the best in the world who are passionate about teaching. They’ll mentor you as you pursue research driven by your own interests, document your findings, or attend conferences and publish your work. And our relationships with some of the top graduate schools will help you continue your trajectory once your undergraduate work is done.

It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.
We’re not going to lie--our science programs are rigorous. In fact, graduates have told us that medical school was easy compared to their four years here. But your Rose-Hulman education will prepare you for anything—except maybe getting the donuts.

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