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Student Accessibility Services

We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and accessibility.
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Accessibility for the Brilliantly Abled

Student Accessibility Services provides reasonable accommodations for students.  We balance the legal rights of students and the integrity of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's robust institutional criterion of excellence in standards and content. We are located in the Student Affairs office in the lower level of the Mussallem Union building.

After being admitted, students must establish their eligibility for accommodations by notifying the Director of Student Accessibility Services and providing sufficient documentation. Students must provide as much documentation as possible about the disability and their limitations. Documentation less than five years old by a psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, licensed clinical social worker or other qualified licensed health provider is acceptable.

The most common accommodation we offer is 50% extended time on timed testing.

Other more specific reasonable accommodations may be based on functional limitations and specialist recommendations that are reasonable in the context and setting.

NOTE: All students new or RETURNING to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology must stop by the Student Accessibility Services Office to confirm accommodations. This includes all new, transferring, or re-admitted students.

Process for receiving reasonable accommodations: Student provides director of accessibility services with necessary forms and documents. The director will review these items and contact student via email set up a meeting to review reasonable accommodations. If documents are satisfactory, a verified letter of reasonable accommodations for each current course will be printed. Each subsequent quarter, the student will meet, review and receive a verified letter of reasonable accommodations for each course as needed. If they elect to use their accommodations, student provides faculty with the verified accommodations letter each quarter, and notifies faculty their intent to use testing accommodations prior to tests. Student may contact and arrange to meet with the director of student accessibility services at any point in their school career.

Patty Eaton, Director of Student Accessibility

Patty Eaton

Patty Eaton is Director of Student Accessibility Services at Rose-Hulman. As part of the Office of Student Affairs, Patty is available to answer your questions. Please contact her at 812-877-8040 or by email at

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