Dr. David Fisher and a male student kneel on a grassy field to make adjustments to a robotic vehicle.


At the intersection of computing, engineering, science, and mathematics lies the world of robotics. Our multidisciplinary program provides several opportunities to learn more about robots through hands-on projects, competition teams, and as part of a multidisciplinary minor.

Student Opportunities

!Robotics team poses with robots.

Robotics Team

The robotics team has competed for more than 10 years, in the International Aerial Robotics Competition, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, and MATE-ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) competition.

!Male and female students use a laptop to set up robots on a table.

Robotics Minor

The multidisciplinary minor in robotics requires seven courses chosen from one of several tracks. Most students can complete the minor in their four years at Rose-Hulman without overloading.

A smiling young girl holds an electronic controller

Robotics Outreach

Members of the Robotics team volunteer in K-12 outreach programs like Blue Key's Youth Science Day, Botball, Explore Engineering and FIRST Lego League.

Robotics News

Robotics challenge at Rose-Hulman.

First-Year Students Mix Learning & Fun in Fall Robotics Challenge

Drone fireworks show at Rose-Hulman.

Tyler Johnson Blending Engineering, Art in Dazzling Drone Light Shows

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