Eric Constans

Dr. Eric Constans teaches mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman with academic interests that include engineering education, mechanical design, kinematics, acoustics and vibration. He received the Joseph Barnes Service Award in 2017 from Rowan University and was named Professor of the Year by the ASME Rowan University Student Chapter in 2016. Dr. Constans earned his Ph.D. and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State University and his bachelor’s degree from University of Washington. He enjoys home remodeling, woodworking, building hi-fi systems and home brewing.

Teaching Interests

  • Mechanical Design
  • Acoustics
  • Vibration

Research Experiences

  • Mechanical Design
  • Kinematics
  • Engineering Education

Publications & Presentations

  • Introduction to Mechanism Design with Computer Applications by Eric Constans and Karl Dyer. CRC Press, 2018
  • Constans, E., Bhatia, K., Kadlowec, J., Merrill, T., Zhang, H. and Angelone, B. “The Benchtop Hybrid – Using a Long-Term Design Project to Integrate the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum” Advances in Engineering Education
  • E. Constans 2017 “A Lagrangian Simulation of the Floating-Arm Trebuchet” The College Mathematics Journal 48 (3), 179-187
  • E. Constans, T.R. Chandrupatla 2015 “An Efficient Position Solution for the Fourbar Linkage” International Journal of Robotics and Mechanisms 2 (3/4) pp. 365-373

Awards & Honors

  • Joseph Barnes Service Award, Rowan University, 2017
  • Professor of the Year, ASME Rowan Student Chapter, Inaugural recipient, 2016
  • Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, 2005

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1997
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1994
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 1993


I enjoy home remodeling, woodworking, building hi-fi systems and homebrewing.
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