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BIC - Student Teams & Clubs

Multidisciplinary student competition teams and clubs tackle hands-on problem solving, and practice innovation.

Chem-E Car

In Chem-E Car Club, you'll design and build a model car that operates via chemical mechanisms in this club that participates in AIChE’s regional competition each year. Cars drive a fixed distance carrying a certain payload--both of which are decided the day of the competition. Teams are judged based on how far the car is from the finish line.

Concrete Canoe

Concrete Canoe is a club that welcomes students of all majors and knowledge levels who have an interest in designing a concrete canoe to race against teams from other schools. The team designs the concrete mix, the reinforcement within the concrete, the mold used to make the canoe and the shape of the canoe, before racing in the ASCE Great Lakes Competition each year.


Design/Build/Fly is an international competition in which students from more than 50 colleges and universities design, build and fly a remote controlled aircraft. Every year new design challenges require the complete design, fabrication and performance testing of a new aircraft.

The team consists of students from a variety of engineering disciplines who are looking for a challenge and real-world application of classroom concepts.

Human Powered Vehicle

The HPV team designs, builds and competes with a recumbent bicycle enclosed in an aerodynamic shell. Each year, the team competes in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ HPV Challenge East and West Coast events with a totally new vehicle.

Make It Happen

Students of all majors have the chance to put their knowledge to work on humanitarian projects and get course credit for it in the Make It Happen program. This unique program encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration to solve real-world problems.


MakerLab gives students the opportunity to innovate, create and collaborate on projects of their choosing. The MakerLab space in the Branam Innovation Center is home to an assortment of devices from a tiny drone to a kit-built 3-D printer.


Learn more about computer, electrical and mechanical engineering while enhancing your teamwork and communication skills with the NXP Cup team. The team develops a 1/18th-scale model car to finish a multi-turn racetrack as quickly as possible without human intervention.


The Robotics team welcomes students interested in designing mobile robots for regional competitions. Previous experience is not required.

The team has competed for more than 10 years, first in the International Aerial Robotics Competition, now in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and MATE-ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) challenge.

The Robotics team also volunteers in outreach programs such as Blue Key's Youth Science Day, Botball, Explore Engineering and First Lego League.

Rose Grand Prix Engineering

Rose-Hulman Grand Prix Engineering is a team operated entirely by students, which has the aim of developing young engineers outside the classroom through designing, manufacturing and racing formula-style cars.

The end goal is to compete in the Formula SAE competition, which integrates student innovation, ingenuity, team cooperation and the application of design processes.

Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicle

The objective of the Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicles Team is to maximize fuel economy in a single person vehicle created to compete against other schools and teams in contests such as the SAE Supermileage competition and Shell Eco-Marathon.

The team gives students an opportunity to learn about and participate in the design and construction of a fuel efficient vehicle.

Team Rose Motorsports

Team Rose Motorsports provides an outlet for members to apply engineering skills learned in the classroom in a focused automotive environment.

Hands-on automotive repair, design and fabrication experience through the maintenance and preparation of racecars is central to the team. 

Additionally, members can build their knowledge of automobiles and high-performance driving through operating these vehicles in sanctioned competitions in the surrounding area.


I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success.

- Nikola Tesla

Inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist

Dr. Bill Kline

Dr. Bill Kline

Dr. Kline is Associate Dean of Innovation and Professor of Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman.

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