Female student wearing paper crown of leaves, hugging children in a village in Ghana.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a multi-national, non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving life for people living in developing countries through sustainable engineering projects. If you are up for a challenge and love helping people, EWB is for you!

Our Vision

Our goal is to design and implement sustainable engineering projects in developing communities world-wide. By working closely with people of different regions, we gain valuable engineering and cultural experience as we take on challenging and rewarding tasks.

Our vision is a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to ustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our members have enriched global perspectives and transformative experiences


  • Sustainability. The communities we serve must be able to independently maintain and, if necessary, replicate any technologies we introduce.
  • Education. Our projects involve significant engineering design work that challenges our students. Students will also be exposed to aspects of project management, including financial management, construction, logistics, and fundraising.
  • Cultural Awareness. To ensure that we design for the specific needs of a community and to give our students a global education, we must seek to understand the culture of each community we serve.

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We are a chapter of the national Engineers Without Borders USA organization, a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide to improve their quality of life.


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