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Rules & Procedures - Concurrent Degrees

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Concurrent Pursuance of Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees

A student who, by reason of Credit By Examination, Transfer Credit, and/or Overloads has completed most of the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and would be carrying less than a normal load while finishing those requirements may elect to work toward the Master’s degree while still completing Bachelor’s degree requirements. Provision for Concurrent Pursuance of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees is designed for the student who plans on completing the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree requirements in the same quarter. Students who are pursuing established concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s plans of study can double-count up to 12 credit hours of 500-level courses taken at Rose-Hulman, in which they have achieved a grade of B or higher, toward both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

A student who wishes to take 12 hours or less for graduate credit should refer to the section entitled Graduate Courses.


  1. The student's academic record at the time of petition for this program must meet the level of achievement necessary for admission as a candidate for the Master’s degree.
  2. The student must complete a Concurrent Pursuance Application Form and formally apply to the graduate program. On this Form the student in conjunction with the undergraduate major advisor, must propose a term-by-term plan of study, showing both the plan for completing the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and the proposed courses which are to be double-counted and those which are to apply only toward the Master’s degree. The proposed plan of study must be endorsed by the Head(s) of the department(s) concerned--i.e., of both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs--and approved by the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning. Application materials should be obtained from and returned to the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning.
  3. In case of schedule conflicts, courses for the Bachelor’s degree take precedence, and course substitution for required courses of the Bachelor’s program will not be approved for the purpose of removing such conflicts.
  4. The student can apply to the Master’s program no earlier than the quarter in which the student attains Junior standing and no later than the start of the first quarter in which the student has 24 or fewer credit hours left to complete their Bachelor’s degree requirements.

Exceptions & Questions: Contact Graduate Studies Committee.

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