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Rules & Procedures - Overloads

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.


The maximum academic load is 18 credits in any term, excluding RHIT100 Foundations for Rose-Hulman Success. A student wishing to take more than the maximum normal load must petition the Admissions and Standings Committee, except as noted below.

Overload policy

With the approval of the Advisor, a student who is not on academic Probation, may schedule credits in addition to the maximum normal load according to the following table:

Cumulative GPA Maximum Overload
Less than 2.600 no overload
At least 2.600 4 credits
At least 3.300 6 credits


A student whose GPA meets the stipulated limit for the Overload may simply register as usual.

A student whose GPA does not meet the stipulated limit must request an Overload by submitting a letter to the Registrar explaining why the exception is needed, how the additional work load will be handled, and indicate which course(s) are considered to be the Overload. The Admissions and Standing Committee will meet to consider these requested Overloads, usually after the final grades for the current term are in. The Committee will typically notify students of its decision during the second week of classes. The fact that a student is pursuing a double major or two degrees is NOT a sufficient reason for approving an Overload for a student who does not meet the GPA requirement. If the petition is denied, the student will be informed and the Overload course(s) will be dropped.


Students pay an additional fee for each credit over 18 in a term, exclusive of RHIT100 Foundations for Rose-Hulman Success. Consult the Registrar's Office.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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