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Rules & Procedures - Course Substitution

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Course Substitution

Course substitution permits a student to substitute an equivalent course for a required course in the student's curriculum. Because of the strict requirements set for science and engineering curricula by accrediting agencies, such changes in curricular requirements cannot be made casually. Substitutions may be approved in the case of a student who is changing curriculum and has already taken a course in the old curriculum that is equivalentto one required in the new curriculum. Substitutions may also be approved if compliance with some course requirement of a published curriculum would require unreasonable hardship for the student. Procedure The student must complete a Course Substitution Approval Form also available in the registrar's office. The completed form should be taken to the appropriate department head(s) for approval or referral to the Curriculum Committee and returned tothe registrar's office. If the course substitution request is referred to the Curriculum Committee, the registrar will take it to the Curriculum Committee forapproval or denial. If there are two or more dissenting votes on the Committee, the petition must be brought before the entire Faculty for approval or denial.


  1. Approval for Course Substitution must be obtained prior to registration for the student's final term at Rose-Hulman.
  2. The course(s) substituted should generally be in the same or a related area and of the same or higher academic level as the one(s) for which the substitution is sought.
  3. It is not the intention of the Course Substitution provision to allow a student to circumvent a course which is part of the student's normal curriculum.
  4. A student who fails a required course must repeat that course and may not substitute another in its place.
  5. If a student has been granted classification as a Special Student and departs from the established curricula and later petitions to become a regular degree candidate, the student may not apply for Course Substitution for courses taken while a Special Student.
  6. Directed Study courses cannot be used for Course Substitution.

Exceptions & Questions: Contact Curriculum Committee.

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