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From chocolate to cybersecurity, Rose‑Hulman faculty know a lot. Check out their video talks here and you'll love what you learn!

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Rose-Hulman has some of the world's brightest faculty and alumni. Watch and learn as they present on a variety of cool topics!
!Erin Gawron-Hyla

The Science of Curling with Erin Gawron-Hyla

Have you ever tried curling? No, not weights in the gym - the Olympic sport! Rose-Hulman alumna Erin Gawron-Hyla (CHEM/MA '99) has been playing for years. Watch as she dives into the science of curling.

!Michael Bell

Underwater Robotics with Michael Bell

What do whales and robotics have in common? Michael Bell (CPE, '12, ME, '13) can tell you. In the first Rose Talk of 2023, Michael Bell discusses underwater robotics, and how his experiences at Tesla, Nasa, Harvard, and multiple startups have helped him get to where he is today.

!Paul Palmer Jr. II

Marketing Yourself: Paul Palmer Jr. II

Paul Palmer (ME '89) uses his 30 years of experience in marketing, branding, and licensing/partnership building to give you a branding advantage in "Marketing Yourself" a 1 hour talk on building your personal brand and standing out in a crowd.
!Keenan Long

Engineering Homeruns with Keenan Long

Mechanical Engineering alumnus Keenan Long (2010) was a standout baseball player at Rose. He’s taken his passion for the sport and the skills learned as a student to co-found LongBall labs with fellow alumnus Koby Close (2017). Keenan shares more about the work his company is doing in providing proprietary technology to players in the Major Leagues.

!Carlotta Berry

Robotics: Dr. Carlotta Berry

Professor of electrical and computer engineering Carlotta Berry discusses robotics and artificial intelligence and how having a bias toward them can impact society.

!Image of Jennifer O'Connor

Coronaviruses as Emerging Human Pathogens

Jen O'Connor, Professor of Biology and resident expert on infectious diseases, has been doing research with students examining virus evolution and characterization of a protein from SARS-CoV-2. Learn more about what they found.

!Image of Larry Geier

How Do I Look in These Genes? Exploring Your Genetic Risk for Cancer

Rose-Hulman alumnus Dr. Larry Geier, also known as The Gene Whisperer, is an expert in cancer genetics. His findings led him to give lectures to cancer centers across the world. Learn more as he shares his story.

!Image of Virginie Adams and Will Kolbus.

Could Real Estate Be the Investment For You?

Google any millionaire and find one that doesn’t invest in real estate. Alumni Virginie Adams and Will Kolbus talk about why real estate may be the right business for you, even if you’re working in a different field.

!Image of Charles Clancy

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Alumnus and computer engineering/computer science double major Charles Clancy (2001) explores the trajectory of AI over the past 65 years, and looks at where it may be headed in the next 10 years.
!Image of Fumie Sunahori

The Chemistry Behind Fireworks

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fumie Sunahori shares the chemistry behind fireworks, including how they came to exist and what happens before they explode.

!Image of Sid Stamm

Cyber Security and Ransomware

Hacking for ransom is big news lately. Find out what it's all about and what you can do to keep your data safe with associate professor and Rose alumnus Sid Stamm

!Image of Jeff Ready and Koushik Subramanian

Two Rose Talks: Tips for Investor Pitches and Understanding Cryptocurrency

The Star Wars model of the perfect investor pitch with alumnus and entrepreneur Jeff Ready

Understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain with alumnus Koushik Subramanian

!Image of Matt Lovell

Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rose-Hulman

Associate Professor Matt Lovell discusses the state-of-the-art hands-on learning available to civil and environmental engineering students at Rose, including a new structural engineering learning facility.

!Kelly Noel

Logistics of COVID-19: A hospital operations perspective

Alumna Kelly Noel talks about the complexities of managing more than $1 billion in healthcare construction projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

!Image of Dave Voltmer.

A Slice of Pi: Dr. Dave Voltmer

Learn all about pi, including how a Rose-Hulman professor helped stop the State of Indiana from making a mess of pi. Retired professor of computer and electrical engineering, Dr. Dave Voltmer, shares history, trivia, and even a great pie recipe in this tasty Rose Talk on the magic number, pi.
!Image of Dr. Thom Adams

Anti-reductionism for a better life: Dr. Thom Adams

Is anything more than the sum of its parts? Is reductionism really the way to go? Do vodka and diet root beer taste good together? These are just a few of the important questions Dr. Thom Adams addresses in his talk, Eductionism - Anti-reductionism for a Better Life.
!Images of Dustin Sapp and Tom James

Entrepreneurship: Dustin Sapp and Tom James

Love the idea of starting your own business? Learn what makes entrepreneurs tick (including macaroni) from alumnus and entrepreneur Dustin Sapp and Professor Tom James.

!Image of Dr. Wayne Padgett and a cybersecurity graphic.

Cybersecurity: Dr. Wayne Padgett

Want to know how to protect yourself from identity theft and hackers? Suffering from password fatigue? Wonder what's the best way to make a password? Join Dr. Wayne Padgett, professor of electrical and computer engineering, as he presents helpful information and tips for better personal cybersecurity.
!Image of Kim and Dave Henthorn

Chocolate!: Drs. Kim and Dave Henthorn

Love chocolate? Join professors Kim and David Henthorn for an online chocolate tasting and discussion of the chemistry and engineering that goes into the production of high-quality chocolate.

!Image of Richard House and Rebecca DeVasher

STEM Jeopardy! and Black Water to Energy: Dr. Richard House and Dr. Rebecca DeVasher

Former Jeopardy! champion Professor Richard House hosts a special STEM-focused version of the popular game show. 

Associate Professor of Chemistry Rebecca DeVasher discusses a musical revolution and creating energy from wastewater.

!Image of Mike Hatfield and Jacob Oblazny

Entrepreneurship and Telehealth: Mike Hatfield and Jacob Oblazny

1984 alumnus and serial entrepreneur Mike Hatfield talks about the importance of entrepreneurship.

Current student Jacob Oblazny shares how his grandma inspired a new business idea.

!Image of Dr. Diane Evans and Dr. Sriram Mohan

Challenger Disaster and High-tech Ethics: Dr. Diane Evans and Dr. Sriram Mohan

Dr. Diane Evans, Professor of Engineering Management, discusses the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.

Dr. Sriram Mohan is a Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, presents on Ethics in Data Science and Machine Learning. 

!Image of Dr. Adam Nolte and Dr. David Chapman

Measuring Things and Musical Time Travel: Dr. Adam Nolte and Dr. David Chapman

In "The Size of Stuff" Dr. Adam Nolte the way we measure things in science.

Associate Professor David Chapman talks about "Musical Listening as a Time-Travel Game."


Diabetes: Dr. Mariya Krisenko

2010 applied biology graduate Mariya (Marsha) Krisenko, Ph.D., discusses innovations in diabetes treatment and research.

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