The alumni association board of directors is known as the Alumni Advisory Board. The current board members are listed below. Please feel free to contact them with your ideas, questions and comments.

Interested in joining the Alumni Advisory Board? Click here to nominate yourself for a board position.


Kedar Murthy
Kedar Murthy,
CHE '84

Vice President
Greg Godwald
Greg Gotwald,
CHE '01

Past President
Nellie Hohne
Nellie Hohne,
ME '99

Chair, Awards Committee
Matthew Iwema
Matthew Iwema,
SE ‘13

Chair, Young Alumni Committee
John McClain
John McClain,
ME '81

Chair, Career Services Committee
Jessica Toth
Jessica Toth,
EMGT '09

Chair, Student Recruitment Committee 



William Bess
William Bess,
CE ‘66

Allison Bowman-Rogers
Allison Bowman-Rogers,
EE '14
Gary Bullock
Gary Bullock,
EE ‘75
Jason Carlyle
Jason Carlyle,
CS '98
Kameron Eisenhour
Kameron Eisenhour,
BE '17
Steve Gillman
Steve Gillman,
CHE '79

Jason Karlen
Jason Karlen,
CHE '92
Alyssa Lobo
Alyssa Lobo,
ME '99
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer,
CHE '04
Kali Nordquist
Kali Nordquist,
CHE ‘16

Dan Price
Dan Price,
CE '75
Mark Renholzberger
Mark Renholzberger
CHE '82
Nyle Riegle
Nyle Riegle,
EE '67
Steven Schmitz
Steven Schmitz,
ME '07
Dieter Schultz
Dieter Schultz,
CE '16
Amanda Stapleton
Amanda Stapleton,
ME '06
Stone Robert
Robert Stone,
EE '86

AAB Meeting Minutes

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