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STEM at Home!

For kids K-12, Rose‑Hulman Alumni Relations is offering a chance to keep your STEM-cells working!

STEM on!

Participation in the #FutureRosies contest blew us away!

While the contest is over, you can still tackle the cool STEM projects below. They're fun, educational and will introduce you to the amazing STEM subjects you can study at Rose-Hulman!

When you've finished a project, be sure to post your results on our alumni social media accounts, and show Rose graduates everywhere what you've done!

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Twitter: @RoseHulmanAlums

Instagram: @RHITalumni

What to do:

1. Based on your age and interest, select from the project lists below and get creating! 

2. Then, for each project that you complete, make a short video, take a photo or screenshot and post it to social media with the hashtag #futurerosies.



We hope during this week, weather across the country is preferable so you can comfortably work on activities outside! 



Shadow Tracking

Frog Rockets

Nature Bridge

Solar Still

Stick Maze


WEEK 7, Be an Inventor!

#FutureRosies Week 7

This week we’re going to meet some amazing inventors! We can learn more about them by studying history, philosophy, literature and other cool subjects!

At Rose, we believe the best engineers and scientists know more than just math, science and engineering. They know literature, communications, languages and the arts, to name just a few subjects we teach in our Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts.

Check it out! These cool inventors and then try your own hand at inventing!

Benjamin Franklin

The Glass Armonica

Cai Lun


George Washington Carver


Johannes Gutenberg

Printing Press

Leonardo DaVinci

Viola Organista


WEEK 6, Electrical Engineering

Week 6-Electrical Engineering

Did you know that electrical engineers generally deal with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism?  Their job is to design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment.  That could be things like electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communication systems, and equipment that generates power. 

Insulators and Conductors

One of the first things you should know about electricity is which objects are conductors and which are insulators. Check out this video to help explain.


Objects that do not transfer electricity

Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Glass, etc.


Objects that do transfer electricity

 Metals and Water


Batteries/Current Electricity

For more information on current electricity, check out this video!

Spinning Brushbot

Potato Power

Electromagnet Fun


Static Electricity

For a little more info on static electricity, check out this video!

Bending Water

Salt and Pepper Split

Hovering Plates


WEEK 5, Civil Engineering

Week 5-Civil Engineering

Before we get building, let’s explore some of the forces involved in the construction of things like bridges and buildings.

Here’s a short video produced by one of those other schools that turn out engineers.  Thankfully, they’re pretty smart too.

The Five Forces

It’s important to understand these forces as you begin building this week. 

PBS Learning Media has a good Forces Lab . Just be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Experimenting with Forces



Bending and Shearing


Let’s Get Building!







If you enjoyed these activities, you’ll love building the Spaghetti Bridge!



Take a moment with CrashCourse to review Newton’s Laws of Motion.  You could also check in with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

An object in motion will remain in motion.  An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force.

Net force is equal to mass times acceleration.

For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.




Rollin with Rosie

Rock Drop

Marble Fun

Giving the Slip

Softball Swing

“Gas” Powered Lego Car

Stack ‘Em Up

Wagon Pull

Newton’s Cradle



Have you heard of Scratch and Tynker? Maybe you have even done more advanced coding.  What we hope is that you enjoy exploring the world of coding with us this week! 

Once you have completed either five levels of an activity (if there are levels) or complete a set of tasks, take a screenshot of the last level completed or a screen recording of your code running and post it to social media with #futurerosies, as well as tagging the Rose-Hulman Alumni Relations account on your chosen social media platform. 

Basic Level

Moderate Level

Experienced Level

Coding with Legos

Design Your Own Font

3D Flappy Bird

Barbie: You Can be Anything

Moon Lander

Draw a Landscape

Code Your Hero

Python Chatbot

Your Lunar Gateway Story

Bits and Bricks

Crystal Clash

Build Your Own App

Bots Challenge

Create Your Own Google Logo

The Labyrinth

You may need a few days to complete this one.


This week, there are still 15 activities to choose from only we reorganized them to make things a little more clear.  You can self-select which activities you would like to participate in.

Before diving into the activities this week, check out Bill Nye’s explanation of the 3 States of Matter.

Basic Level

Moderate Level

Experienced Level

Solid, Liquid, Gas

Magic Inflating Balloons

Thermal Flower Power


Ice Cream Science

Hot Ice

Melting Crayons

Ice Hands

Egg in a Bottle

On the Hunt!

Cloud in a Jar


Bonus:  Did you know there’s a 4th State of Matter?  Check out Plasma here!



Here’s the first week of project plans. Choose any project from any day. Do as many or as little as you like.

Skill Level







Build a Pully

Inclined Plane

Explore Screws and Wedges

Lego Zipline

Conveyer Belt


Model Elevator

Simple Catapult

Roller Coaster Made of Straws

Bubble Blower Machine

Build a Racecar

Some Experience

Rubber Band Powered Lego Car

Archimedes Screw

Rube Goldberg Machine

Continue Rube Goldberg Machine

Continue Rube Goldberg Machine


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