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Biomathematics Major

Research in genomics, proteomics and biochemistry are driving the life sciences today. Biomath at Rose-Hulman will take you deep into the study of math as it applies to biology and the broader life sciences. This exciting major will prepare you for a rewarding career that could help conquer some of the greatest challenges now facing humankind. Our program has been ranked among the top 10 biomathematics programs in the country and earned Rose-Hulman recognition as one of the nation's best college's for biomathematics by Universities.com.


  • 56 Math & Biomathematics Core Credits
  • 40 Basic Science Credits
  • 36 Humanities & Social Science Credits
  • 48 Math, Technical, Domain & Free Electives
  • 4 Computer Science
  • 1 College and Life Skills
  • 8 Capstone Experience
193 Total Credits

Research, Clubs, Careers

A student's notebook with math equations.


As a math major, you can dive deep into your own research projects, on and off campus. 

A student speaking with a recruiter at a job fair.

Careers and Graduate School

You'll find our math alumni in industry, graduate schools and at research institutes.

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Clubs and Activities

You can get involved in clubs, math competitions, and many other student organizations.


“Mathematics seems to endow one with something like a new sense.”

- Charles Darwin

The Biomathematics Board

  • Dr. Kevin Anstrom, Department of Biostatistics, Duke University
  • Dr. Paul Collins, Senior Director of Small Molecule Design and Development, Eli Lilly
  • Dr. Carson Chow, Mathematical Biology Section, National Institutes of Health
  • Dr. Lisette de Pillis, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College
  • Dr. Meg Ehm, Director of Genetics, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dr. Curtis Huttenhower, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University
  • Mr. David Johnson, President of BioCrossroads
  • Dr. Colleen Jonsson, Director of NIMBioS, University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Elliot Landaw, Department of Biomathematics, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Dr. Russell Schwartz, Departments of Biological Science and Computational Biology, Carnegie Mellon University

Our Faculty

Ric Anthony
Ric Anthony
Associate Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering
Alan Chiu
Alan Chiu
Associate Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie Hill
Assistant Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering