Marcie Hawk

Marcie (Huber) Hawk

Marcie is a 2010 chemical engineering graduate who serves as the alcohol beverage compliance manager at Huber's Orchard and Winery in beautiful southern Indiana.
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How did Rose prepare you for where you are today?

Rose-Hulman prepared me in more ways than I could ever list! Although I don’t practice traditional engineering anymore, the skill sets I developed at Rose-Hulman have carried into my adult life on many, many levels. The technical skills, problem-solving mindset, professional communication experience, interviewing practice, resume building, and all the experiences and tools I learned at Rose-Hulman have helped me further my career and my life.

What professor made the biggest impact on you?

Dr. Artigue for his teaching style and personality and Dr. McClellan for his lectures that somehow made heat and mass transfer interesting (and his four-hour finals where no one dropped the pencil until the bell rang).

What is your favorite/lasting memory from Rose?

Meeting my sweet husband, Daniel Hawk, in technical communications. Other great memories include performing in the Rose Drama Club and spending time in the ChemE study lounge.

What is the nerdiest thing you do?

Science projects with my 5-year-old or geeking out over Excel spreadsheets. I'm the go-to girl in my office for Excel. 

Best-kept secret at Rose?

Rose Drama Club. We were blessed to have the facilities, staff and fellow members of the drama club to further grow our communication and life skills. All the extracurricular opportunities at Rose-Hulman provide an outlet free from technical studies.

Advice for new Rose students

You will survive! 

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