Alyssa Riley

Alyssa Riley

Alyssa is a 2000 chemical engineering grad who is now a pediatric nephrologist and Case Mix Index Physicians Advisor at Dell Children Medical Center in Texas.
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How did Rose help you get where you are today?

Engineering is all about optimizing your system’s performance - even in medicine, I work to help my patients optimize their health, as well as helping my hospital optimize functional performance and resource management.

What professor had the biggest impact on you?

Dr. Carl Abegg, his classes were really tough, and you needed every point to pull off an A. I forgot to put my name on a test sheet showing my work for the points, losing a majority of the credit. I had to work even harder that quarter to earn all the points back, and in the end, my grade sat on the border, but Dr. Abegg recognized my effort. I’ve never taken another point for granted again.

Dr. Sam Hulbert, he was my professor for most of my biomedical engineering classes, and also a mentor for Student Government Association work. Near the end of college, I applied for the biomedical engineering master's program because I got cold feet over starting medical school (even though I had already been accepted). Dr. Hulbert sat me down and told me to get going on my way to medical school. I never looked back!

Favorite or most-lasting memory from Rose?

Working summers as an Operation Catapult counselor, where I got to spend weeks on campus and in academic buildings where things were extremely quiet - save for the 60 or so of us Catapulters. The contrast with the hustle of the academic year was really cool and it also afforded me the opportunity to get to know many more faculty and staff than I otherwise would have.

What's the nerdiest thing you do?

As a nephrologist, I use a calculation called the Daugirdas formula to help predict the clearance of blood waste products during a dialysis procedure. The equation includes the natural logarithm of pre- and post- target value ratios, so I routinely use a scientific calculator. Being able to accurately predict the results of a dialysis treatment keeps the patient safe and is also nerdily satisfying.

Best-kept secret at Rose?

The school's art collection, and an engineering school’s dedication to providing artistic student opportunities.

Advice for new Rose students?

Ask for help when you need it - a Rose-Hulman professor is a front lines teacher who wants to help students learn the craft they love.
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