High School Problem Solvers Up to Rose-Hulman Math Challenges

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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Students in grades 9-12 from across Indiana and Illinois filled the Sports and Recreation Center’s fieldhouse to answer 20 challenging problems in the Rose-Hulman Mathematics Competition, one of the nation’s oldest math contests.

Nearly 190 high school problem solvers from 13 schools across Indiana and Illinois showcased their mathematics skills at the 2021 Rose-Hulman High School Mathematics Competition that was back to in-person test-taking after a year’s hiatus because of COVID-19 health and safety precautions.

Students had one hour to answer 20 questions covering a wide range of mathematics categories. Awards were given at individual and school levels in all four grade levels.

Carmel High School earned first-place overall honors for the 12th straight competition after having teams and students post top scores in each grade division. Terre Haute’s South Vigo earned second-place school honors, followed by Evansville’s Signature School in third.

Six students had perfect 100-point scores in this year’s competition – five coming from Carmel. These were first-place seniors Aneesh Dasgupta, Jack Liu and Bill Qian, and top sophomores Kevin Hu and Bingrui.

Jerry Feng of Culver Academies earned first place among juniors with a perfect score while Micheel Qian was the top-scoring freshman.

The annual competition is one of the reasons Rose-Hulman’s Department of Mathematics earned the American Mathematical Society’s award in 2021 for Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department. This honor recognizes a department that “has distinguished itself by undertaking an unusual or particularly effective program of value to the mathematics community, internally or in relation to the rest of society,” according to the AMS award announcement.

Organizing the event was mathematics professor John Rickert. Other department faculty, staff and student volunteers helped administer, grade and present awards associated with the contest.

Top team and individual results, by grade division, were:

Overall Results: 1. Carmel, 2. Terre Haute South Vigo, 3. Signature School

Senior Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Signature School, 3. Hamilton Southeastern, 4. Terre Haute South

Senior Individual: 1. Aneesh Dasgupta, Carmel; 1. Jack Liu, Carmel; 1. Bill Quian, Carmel; 2. Aniket Biswal, Carmel; 3. Anish Kambhampati, Hamilton Southeastern; 4. Jinhee Won, Carmel; 5. Calvin Josenhans, Signature School; 6. Austin Guo, Carmel; 7. Nathan Huang, Carmel; 7. Stephen Ross, Urbana; 7. Zhuhan Shao, Zionsville; 8. Caleb Prahlow,       Covenant Christian; 9. Will Ruiz, Hamilton Southeastern; 10. Sulaiman Rehman, Signature; 11. Daniel Dwyer, Signature; 12. Graham Asam, Zionsville; 12. Charissa Chow, Terre Haute South; and 12. Shlok Kulkarni, Hamilton Southeastern

Junior Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Culver Academies, 3. Terre Haute South Vigo, 4. Signature School

Junior Individual: 1. Jerry Feng, Culver Academies; 2. Canaan He, Carmel; 2. Grace Yang, Park Tudor; 3. Christian Herascu, Carmel; 4. Jayce Dix, Terre Haute South Vigo; 4. Nathan Martin, Carmel; 4.  Kenichiro Suzuki, Carmel; 5. Hunter Miller, Culver Academies; 6. Nicholas Jegelka, Carmel; 6. Alvin Xu, Zionsville; 7. Akkash Rathnasabapathy, Zionsville; 8. Samhita Shantharam, Terre Haute South; 9. Daniel Chen, Culver Academies; 9. Marin Manning, Terre Haute South; 10. Zachary Guo, Carmel; 11. Landon Grahek, Terre Haute North; 11. Jack Hua, Culver Academies; and 12. Kerry Ao, Signature

Sophomore Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Culver Academies, 3. Terre Haute South Vigo, 4. Signature School

Sophomore Individual:  1. Kevin Hu, Carmel; 1. Bingrui Wang, Carmel; 2. Sandra Yang, Carmel; 3. Karthik Varigonda, Carmel; 4. Mike Yu, Culver Academies; 5. Brady Exoo, Terre Haute South; 6. Benjamin Walker, Terre Haute North; 6. Michael Yin, Culver Academies; 7. Ella Tang, Culver Academies; 8. Justin Zhang, Terre Haute South; 9. Christopher Chow, Terre Haute South; 9. Justin Hou, Culver Academies; 10. Yash Shah, Hamilton Southeastern; 11. Christine Liu, Terre Haute South; 11. Jack Waren, Hamilton Southeastern; and 12. Tolen Schreid, Signature

Freshman Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Terre Haute South Vigo, 3. Signature School, 4. Culver Academies

Freshman Individual: 1. Micheel Qian, Carmel; 2. Adam Madni, Carmel; 3. Yusuf Akgul, Terre Haute South; 4. Rohan Bhosale, Carmel; 4. Kellen Gong, Carmel; 4. Tanay Thakore, Signature; 5. Jenny Li, Carmel; 6. Anthony Chapman, Terre Haute South; 6. Sophia Fu, Carmel; 7. Austin Ferren, Marion; 8. David Jiang, Carmel; 9. Pranav Chandar, Signature; 9. Tony Song, Culver Academies; 9. Sara Zachariah, Terre Haute South; 10. Jason Tang, Culver Academies; 10. Eric Zhao, Culver Academies; 11. Joe Janicek, Zionsville; and 12. Jessica Kallubhavi, Terre Haute South 

Participating schools were Carmel, Covenant Christian, Culver Academies, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Lutheran, Marion, Signature School, Terre Haute North Vigo, Terre Haute South Vigo, Urbana (Ill.), West Vigo and Zionsville