Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest

Rose-Hulman Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Phil Cornwell welcomes the students to Rose-Hulman

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on a Saturday in November. The fifty-eightth contest takes place on a Saturday in November, 2024. Results from 2023 are now on-line. Congratulations to Carmel High School, who won their twelfth consecutive title.

The Rose-Hulman high-school math contest was not held in 2020.

The fifty-eightth contest is planned for a Saturday in November, 2022 starting at 11:00 AM EST.
There is a $3.00 per student registration fee for the contest. No student will be allowed to participate in the Contest unless the registration fee has been paid. Refreshments will be available for the students during the registration period.

The students are welcomed to Hatfield Hall by Vice President for Academic Affairs Phil Cornwell                                
Each school may enter four students from each of the four years - freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. An unlimited number of alternates may also compete. Team awards will be presented on the basis of the performance of the preselected team members. each school may bring as many alternates as they choose. Alternates are eligible for individual awards.

The Contest consists of twenty multiple-choice questions. Five points are awarded for a correct answer, a one point penalty is assessed for an incorrect answer. Individual awards will be given for the top twelve scores in each year. All participating students will be eligible for these individual awards. There will be three class awards for each of the four years. To be eligible for a class award, a school must enter a full team of four students for that year's class. Also, schools with full teams at all four class levels are eligible for one of the three school awards. A school should feel free to enter only one or two students if no more than that number show interest.
The top two scoring freshman are presented with the Sally Shonk Memorial Award. The top two scoring sophomores are presented with the Mary Rhein Memorial Award. For several years the book prizes have been donated by Wiley.

On-site registration of your presence for the contest begins at 10:00 AM EST (that's 9:00AM Illinois time) in The Sports and Recreation Center (building 20 on the campus map.) The test begins at 11:00 and lasts for one hour. After lunch, awards are handed out at the awards ceremony, held in Hatfield Hall. (building O on the campus map.)

Taking the test

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