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Rules & Procedures - Two Degrees

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.

Two Degrees

A student who completes all the requirements of two curricula may be granted two Bachelor of Science degrees. Overloads or more than four years of academic work will probably be required.
The plan of study must include all requirements of both departments and must contain at least 32 quarter hours of work more than the requirements of either department curriculum alone. The additional credits may be earned during summers (including Transfer Credit), by Overloads during the academic year, or by additional terms of enrollment at Rose-Hulman.
Same as that for Double Major.
Some two-degree program combinations are prohibited. In particular, two-degree programs are prohibited if they do not automatically require 32 hours in addition to the requirements of either degree alone after all common courses (including routine substitutions) are utilized. For example, two-degree programs in Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Economics, Optical Engineering & Physics, and Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering are prohibited. Upon petition, the Curriculum Committee may grant exceptions to these prohibitions for exceptionally well thought-out programs which meet the 32-hour rule by including elective upper-level courses from the majors in question.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The fact that a student is pursuing a Two Degree Program is NOT a sufficient reason for approving an overload when the student's GPA is low.
Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Curriculum Committee.

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