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Rules & Procedures - Double Major

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Double Major

A qualified student who completes all the requirements for a degree in one discipline and all the departmental courses (including prerequisites) of another discipline will be graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a Double Major. Overloads will probably be required.
The order of specifying the majors will be, first, the curriculum which was completed in its entirety and, second, the curriculum in which only departmental (and prerequisite) courses was completed.


Proposals for double majors and two degree programs should contain the following four elements and follow these formatting guidelines:

  1. A cover page (available on the Registrar's website) with signature/date lines, requesting approval of the program and noting any special circumstances such as course substitutions, minors, or certificate programs.  Specifically, there should be a check box on the form that may be checked by anyone in the approval process if they believe the request should be brought before the curriculum committee.  It is the responsibility of the student and their advisor to specifically state what exceptions are being sought and supply appropriate documentation.  Common exceptions might be non-standard course substitutions or prohibited two degree/double major programs.  If there are exceptions, the proposal may go to the Curriculum Committee (CC) for approval.  The required signatures are:
    • The Student and his/her Advisor
    • Department Heads of all programs in the proposal (usually two)
    • Program advisor if appropriate e.g., economics advisor or the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology advisor
    • Humanities and Social Sciences Department Head
    • Dean of the Faculty
  2. A complete program schedule, by quarters, which includes the credit hours for each course, the total credit hours for each quarter and the total credit hours.
  3. A table showing how all degree program requirements of the first major are satisfied, in a format acceptable to that major's department. The table should show the quarter taken, the grade achieved (if known), and the total number of credit hours taken.
  4. A similar table showing how all the named requirements of the second major are satisfied, again in a format approved by the second department. If the proposal is a two degree program, the full program details must be given for the second degree.  For additional majors or degrees, add more tables as appropriate.

The proposal must be submitted to the Registrar's office not later than the end of the first term of the candidate's junior year. Courses required for the first major/degree have precedence in scheduling over those required for the second major/degree.


A double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering is prohibited.
Important Note: See Overloads. The fact that a student is pursuing a Double Major is NOT a sufficient reason for approving an overload when the student's GPA is low.
See also Two Degrees.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Curriculum Committee.

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