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Rules & Procedures - Repeating a Course

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Repeating a Course

Overlapping material
In some instances, with the approval of the advisor, a student may elect to take a course which essentially repeats material in a course already taken and for which credit has been received. In such cases, no additional credits or grade points will be recorded unless the second course carries more hours of credit. In that case, credit and grade point will be recorded to the extent by which the total number of credits for the second course exceeds those recorded for the original course. The exception to this is Grade Replacement.
Failed courses
A student who has received an "F" in a course must repeat the entire course in order to obtain credit, either by enrolling for it again at Rose-Hulman or by Transfer Credit. It is particularly important to note that:

  1. Credit By Examination may not be used to obtain credit for failed courses;
  2. The "F" will remain on the student's permanent record and cannot be removed by subsequent satisfactory work. (This is true even in the case of Grade Replacement where the "F", although no longer averaged into the student's GPA, still remains on the academic record.)

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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