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Rules & Procedures - Grade Replacement

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Grade Replacement

Rose-Hulman recognizes that some students may have deficiencies in their background that may necessitate their repeating certain named required courses. The Grade Replacement provision allows them to remedy these deficiencies without grade penalty. It is also intended to encourage students who have received a marginal grade (D or D+) in a core course to repeat the course before proceeding to more advanced work.

Stipulations: If a student receives a penalty grade (F, D, or D+) in a named course required in the first two years of the curriculum and repeats the course, then only the higher grade in the course will be used in calculating the cumulative GPA. (In effect, the cumulative GPA will be re-calculated, dropping out the lower grade.)

This procedure may be applied to not more than two named required courses of the junior-senior curriculum.


  1. All grades will be recorded; that is, the prior penalty grade will not be removed from the student's permanent record.
  2. If the penalty grade was an F, the student must repeat the course prior to taking any other course for which the repeated course is a prerequisite.
  3. Grade replacement cannot be used for a course in which a penalty grade was assigned for disciplinary reasons.


The student simply registers as usual for any courses for which Grade Replacement applies. If a student, after registering, finds that a course must be repeated (e.g., after final grades have been reported), a Drop/Add Form must be obtained during the first week of classes in the next term.

Also see Repeating a Course.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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