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Major Financial Aid Programs

When you apply for financial aid, you are considered for the following aid programs, EXCEPT the Federal Direct PLUS Loan, the Direct Grad PLUS, and private loans. You must complete separate applications for PLUS Loans and private loans.

To be eligible for most aid programs, you must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen as defined by the U.S. Department of Education and must be enrolled in a program leading to a degree.

Direct Stafford Loan Limits (borrowing maximums)
(Subsidized and Unsubsidized)


Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students





 1st Year 

 $5,500 ($3,500)

 $9,500 ($3,500)


 2nd Year

 $6,500 ($4,500)

 $10,500 ($4,500)

 $20,500 for each year 

 3rd Year and beyond

 $7,500 ($5,500)

 $12,500 ($5,500)


 Total Loan Debt Limit 

 $31,000 ($23,000) 

 $57,500 ($23,000) 

 $138,000 ($65,000)


Melinda Middleton

Melinda Middleton

Melinda Middleton oversees Rose-Hulman’s Office of Financial Aid as the department’s director. She and the rest of the Financial Aid staff can help you make sense of the loans, grants and scholarships available. They take pride in helping our students find ways to make a Rose-Hulman education an affordable investment in their future.

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Office of Financial Aid
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Phone: 812-877-8672
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