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Thanks to our partnership with Wabash Valley Visions and Voices, we have an outstanding collection of historical photos, documents, interviews and more.

Our Rich History

Historical Photos

Early Rose Polytechnic Photos, Late 1880s-early 1920s.

Student Life, Mid-20th Century
Series 1 - Academics

Hidden away in the Rose-Hulman archives is a collection of glass plate negatives of photographs taken in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  These photographs were used in issues of the Modulus (the student yearbook) and the Technic (the student publication). 

In the 1940s, Juliet Peddle, Terre Haute artist and architect, published a series of drawings in the Tribune Star of various houses, building and churches in the Terre Haute area. These drawings are accompanied by a brief history of the building that was published along with the drawings 

Rose-Hulman Historical Works 

By William B. Pickett, with the assistance of the Rose-Hulman History Team. 

Printed for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 
Four Colour Imports, Ltd. 
Louisville, Kentucky 
Printed in Canada 
Copyright 1999, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 
ISBN: 0-914414-01-1 

180 pages. 

By John L. Bloxsome 

Copyright 1973 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 
ISBN: 0-914414-01-1 

198 pages. 

"Rose-Polytechnic Institute - Memorial Volume"

Embracing a history of the Institute; Sketch of the Founder; Together with a Biographical Dictionary and other matters of interest." 

A history of the Rose-Polytechnic Institute, 1874-1909 


Oral History Interviews

Jodi Barcus  - May 12, 1998 
Oral history interview with Jodi Barcus, one of the first female undergraduates to enroll at Rose-Hulman, by Bill Pickett.  Barcus discusses her participation in the ISU/Rose-Hulman Consortium Program and her experiences as a Rose-Hulman student soon after the school went coeducation.  

Thomas Binford  - August 21, 1997  (mp3 audio in 7 parts with transcripts)  
Oral history interview with Thomas Binford, former chairman of the Board of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, by Bill Pickett, August 21, 1997. He discusses the events of his life leading up to being chairman of the Board, including his service during World War II. 

Donna Gustafson  - August 25, 1997   (mp3 audio in 5 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview of Donna Gustafson, assistant dean for student services, by Bill Pickett. Gustafson talks mostly about student life from 1977 to 1997. 

Elton Graves & Robert Lopez  - September 1, 1998 (mp3 audio in 6 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Elton Graves and Robert Lopez, two department of mathematics professors, by Bill Pickett.  They discuss their perspectives of computer use in the classroom with its benefits and drawbacks. 

Pauline Griffith  -  August 15, 1997  (mp3 audio in 7 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Pauline Griffith, administrative assistant for presidents John Logan and Samuel Hulbert by Bill Pickett, August 15, 1997. She discusses the administration of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology from 1953-1983. 

Jeffrey Froyd  - August 28, 1997 (mp3 audio in 8 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history with Jeffrey Froyd, former student and professor at Rose-Hulman, by Bill Pickett. Froyd discusses changes in the electrical engineering curriculum and laboratory equipment, and the IFYCSEM Lilly program. 

Samuel F Hulbert  - July 29, 1997 (mp3 audio with 6 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview of Samuel F. Hulbert, eleventh president of Rose-Hulman, By Bill Pickett.  Hulbert talks about his personal life, growing up, his family and his academic career.  

Samuel F Hulbert  - July 30, 1997 (mp3 audio with 4 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview of Samuel F. Hulbert, eleventh president of Rose-Hulman, By Bill Pickett.  Hulbert talks about his personal life, people who have influenced him, sports and of various college presidencies. 

Samuel F Hulbert  - August 5, 1997 (mp3 audio with 5 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview of Samuel F. Hulbert, eleventh president of Rose-Hulman, By Bill Pickett.  

Samuel F Hulbert  - August 12, 1997 (The audio tape is missing for this interview.  File is broken down into 3 PDF files of the official transcript.) 
Oral history interview of Samuel F. Hulbert, eleventh president of Rose-Hulman, By Bill Pickett.  He talks about his experiences working with Rose-Hulman employees and curriculum changes. 

Jess R. Lucas - August 15, 1997  (mp3 audio in 8 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Jess R. Lucas, former vice-president of student affairs and dean of students at Rose-Hulman.  Lucas discusses changes at Rose-Hulman and the people involved, capital improvements such as the Student Recreation Center, quality of education and athletics, the stress factor induced by the Rose environment, the integration of the freshman curriculum between the majors and the pros and cons of co-education and financial aid. 

Michal Percopo  -  January 9, 1998  (mp3 audio in 8 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Michael Percopo, former student and member of the Rose-Hulman Board of Trustees, by Bill Pickett  Percopo discusses his education at Rose-Hulman, his service during World War II, his life in business and his experiences as a board member. 

Gloria Rogers  -  September 2, 1997   (mp3 audio in 7 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Gloria Rogers, former Vice President for Institutional Resources and Assessment.  Rogers discusses her involvement in school accreditation and assessment activities at Rose-Hulman and her involvement with ABET assessment.  Rogers also shares her views on changes taking place at the institute and her interactions with the Rose-Hulman community.  

Christian Chad Taylor.  -  November 29, 1997  (mp3 audio in 8 parts with transcripts) 
Oral history interview with Christian Chad Taylor, former student and president of the Student Government Association of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  Taylor discusses his involvement in the events leading up to the coeducational vote and his education and student life at Rose-Hulman. 

Historical Videos 

Videos from the early 1930s 

Short silent 16mm video clips of Rose Polytechnic Institute shot by Howard A. Stadermann 
Athletics    (.wmv   6.94 MB)  
Campus    (.wmv   2.58 MB)  
Chemistry Laboratory   (.wmv   1.38 MB)  
Civil Engineering Laboratory   (.wmv   2.87 MB)  
Commencement   (.wmv   4.40 MB)  
Electrical Engineering Laboratory   (.wmv   2.0 MB)  
Faculty and Staff   (.wmv   10.9 MB)  
Library   (.wmv   1.5 MB)  
Chemical Engineering Laboratory   (.wmv   2.71 MB)  
Physics Laboratory   (.wmv   924 KB)  
ROTC   (.wmv   3.44 MB)  
ROTC - Special Attention   (.wmv   3.05 MB)  
Scenes of Campus   (.wmv   2.7 MB)  
School Cafeteria   (.wmv   1.01 MB)  
Senior Bench  (.wmv   851 KB)  
Shop Work is Interesting   (.wmv   4.23 MB)  
Student in Classroom   (.wmv   1.98 MB)  
Students Leisure   (.wmv   1.33 MB) 

Videos  from 1938 

Short Silent video clips of Rose-Polytechnic Institute

Alumni   (.wmv   873 KB)  
B.H. Pine   (.wmv   5.74 MB)  
Campus Views   (.wmv   2.95)  
Commencement   (.wmv   3.88 MB)  
Football   (.wmv   2.91 MB)  
Freshmen vs. Sophomores   (.wmv   3.55 MB)  
ROTC   (.wmv   3.94 MB) 

Videos from the 1950s 

Short silent video clips of Rose Polytechnic Institute (In color) 

Baseball   (.wmv   1.67 MB)  
Campus   (.wmv   1.11 MB)  
Chemical Engineering Laboratory   (.wmv    4.14 MB)  
Christmas   (.wmv   2.75 MB)  
Commencement   (.wmv   6.75)  
Engineer's Day   (.wmv   5.41 MB)  
Football   (.wmv   1.87 MB)  
Freshmen and Sophomores Wrestling   (.wmv   3.35 MB)  
Homecoming and Bonfire   (.wmv   6.33 MB)  
Library   (.wmv   851 KB)  
Mechanical Engineering Power Laboratory    (.wmv   3.5 MB)  
Military Parade    (.wmv   4.18 MB)  
ROTC   (.wmv   1.87 MB)  
School Dance   (.wmv   916 KB)  
Sophomores and Freshmen wrestling with each other   (.wmv   1.69 MB)  
Student Union   (.wmv   6.1 MB)  
Students and Professors   (.wmv   1.22 MB)  
Students Studying   (.wmv   5.41 MB)  
Track and Field   (.wmv   5.3 MB)

Bernadette Ewen

Bernadette Ewen

Bernadette Ewen has been leading the Institute’s library services since 2012. Her career spans private industry and teaching at Indiana University. She earned her master’s degree in library science from Indiana University and a bachelor’s degree in life sciences from Indiana State University. She is also certified in copyright management and has studied multiple languages at Switzerland’s University of Fribourg.

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