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Rose-Hulman's PRISM offers a variety of training opportunities for K-12 educators of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Indiana. Rose-Hulmanl also offers intensive workshops to train educators in methods to integrate STEM concepts into school curricula.

Learn more below about upcoming 2023 STEM professional development opportunities for K-12 educators. 

Computer Science Workshops - In Summer and Fall 2023, Rose-Hulman will be offering several FREE workshops on integrating computer science principles into the classroom for K-12 educators. Sign-up to attend one or all of the 14 workshops being offered. These workshops are supported by a grant from Indiana Department of Education. Space is limited. Register here.

Proud partner of the Indiana Department of Education. Find more information about the workshops and other computer science professional development opportunities on their website or in their newsletter.

Digital Learning Workshops - Supported by the Digital Learning Grant from the Indiana Department of Education, Rose-Hulman will provide workshops on blended learning and universal design learning to two different Indiana school corporations. Rose-Hulman will present, host, and facilitate workshops for K-12 teachers at Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation and North Central Parke School Corporation this summer.

Dates of workshops:

  • May 31-June 2 for K-12 teachers at Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation in Evansville, Indiana.
  • June 20-23 for K-12 teachers at North Central Parke School Corporation on the RHIT campus.

K-12 Educators Energy Workshops - Rose-Hulman will offer the Sustainability and Alternative Energies Boot Camps. This is a residential program for K-12 teachers interested in learning content knowledge, pedagogy, and practical applications of sustainability / alternative energies. Topics covered include  current state of energy and production (including the U.S. power grid / distribution systems), solar technologies, geothermal, biomass, and other emerging sources, alternatives such as wind and nuclear, and social action / public policy for influencing conservation. The program features field trips to nearby, state-of-the-art energy producers, lectures by RHIT faculty experts, and laboratory experiments.  Teachers will take home kits to do all hands-on activities in their own classrooms. Additionally, each participant will receive a custom package of digital course materials featuring simulations, scientific visualizations, virtual labs, collaborative skills builders, process modelers, serious gaming, and access to live data. These student learning enhancers mirror the digital tools used in the modern STEM workplace. The workshops are made possible by the generosity of Duke Energy and the Indiana Department of Education. Register here.

Dates of Boot Camps are:

  • June 25-30, 2023, supported by Indiana Department of Education
  • July 9-14, 2023, supported by Indiana Department of Education
  • July 16-21, 2023, supported by Duke Energy

VCSC Summer Workshops - Since 2008, PRISM has partnered with VCSC to offer summer workshops for STEM teachers. These two-week sessions take place in early June and have space for 40 to 60 teachers.Because we do not repeat workshops, we now have a repertoire of 22 different workshops – spanning the Indiana learning standards for 4 th – 12 th grade.  All of these experiences integrate active learning, creativity, and investigation into transportable lesson plans.  Teachers are also given extensive training in using digital resources in the classroom. Participants receive a generous set of supplies to duplicate the hands-on components from the workshop with their students. Register here.

  • Dates of workshops: June 5-16, 2023, for K-12 teachers at Vigo County School Corporation
  • Location: Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Check out more of our resources for educators and their students!

!Female student explains Grand Challenges activity.

Grand Challenges Unit Studies

Show students how they can use science and mathematics to change the world with these classroom materials focusing on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges. These units were developed by our engineering students to help you engage young learners with STEM study by showing them how these disciplines can be used to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

!Professor teaching at a white board.

Speakers Bureau

Want a Rose-Hulman professor as a guest speaker in your high school classroom? Our Speakers Bureau is committed to inspiring high school students to explore science, engineering, and mathematics.
!Graphic: AskRose Homework Help, Turning 'Huh?' Into 'Aha!' 877-ASK-ROSE or

AskRose Homework Help

For more than 25 years, AskRose Homework Help has been providing an academic lifeline to Indiana students in grades 6-12 with free math and science tutoring. Its tutors are Rose-Hulman students who can help your students understand STEM concepts through friendly, one-on-one tutoring sessions via phone or live chat.

!Students participating in Rose Power

Summer Programs

Rose-Hulman offers an entire suite of summer programs that are sure to pique the interest of high school students who love STEM. Learn more about our programs, including Rose Power, Project Select, Operation Catapult, Creation Crates, and Rose Accelerate.

!Students participating in SPARK


At Spark! (Student Projects Advocating Resourceful Knowledge), high school students have fun collaborating with other teens and Rose-Hulman students as they complete science, engineering, and math challenges for bragging rights and to win spectacular prizes. 

The free design competition has been organized by Rose-Hulman Building Undergraduate Diversity (Rose-BUD) program since 2015 to increase high school students’ interests in engineering and computer science, regardless of their current background or their future plans.

!sonia math day

Sonia Math Day

If you are a girl with an interest in mathematics, this event is for you! Each year, Rose professors and math majors invite girls to campus to participate in engaging and interactive sessions, which pay tribute to Sonia Kovalevsky – a pioneer for female mathematicians. 

The free event is sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and the Rose-Hulman Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), and open to those who are currently in a high school-level mathematics class.

Nicki Manion

Nicki Manion

Want to know more about teacher resources? Contact Nicki Manion, Assistant Director of PRISM Project at 812-877-8662 or

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