What is Nanomedicine?
We would like to help the entire human society defeat cancer for good and give life for cancer patients by developing and applying a new science called nanomedicine. This is a new science which combines the latest scientific and technological advances at the frontiers of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine.
Center for Nanomedicine
The Center for Nanomedicine focuses on clinical applications of tiny particles to fight cancer cells, combining science and technology at a minuscule scale. While cancer is the main concern, the methods can also be used to treat other varieties of tumors as well. Just how does this work? A patient receives a shot of small particles that can be selectively delivered to the cancer cells and then heated by light until the cancer cells burn out. This technology is called selective nanophotothermolysis of cancer. The combination of the nanoparticles and radiation technology offers benefits to patients beyond the possibility of killing their cancer. Besides nanophotothermolysis, the center will focus on the development the nanodevices and nanodrug design, using them for diagnostics and treatment of the life threatening diseases.
The main goals of the Center for Nanomedicine are:
  1. Develop and support research and educational pilot projects of participating institutions via short-term funding.
  2. Facilitate technology transfer for commercialization of nanomedical products.
  3. Create and operate a shared core facility that will provide access and sharing of state-of the art equipment and other resources.
  4. Provide education and curricular development for students in the multidisciplinary field of nanomedicine.
The patients cannot wait any longer!
Cross-Disciplinary Minor in Medical Physics and Nanomedicine
If students are interested in minoring in Medical Physics and Nanomedicine, they should speak with one of the appropriate minor advisors (Dr. Letfullin, Dr. Duree, Dr. McInerney, Dr. Kirtley, Dr. Siahmakoun). Students in any major degree program are eligible!
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