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Electrical & Computer Engineering – Student Opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities, for students to put classroom lessons into practice through hands-on projects. The options range from course-related activities to student competition teams, or real-world projects at Rose‑Hulman Ventures.

Hands-On Learning

You’ll become a better engineer by applying what you learn in class to hands-on problem solving. That’s why we offer several opportunities to put your knowledge to work.

Smiling female student holds small robot in her hands.


Our Robotics program will give you a broader understanding of your chosen major whileproviding exposure to other disciplines. You’ll learn to work on multidisciplinary teams as you put your skills to the test.

Female student cuts cardboard for a team project as male student assists in the Branam Innovation Center.

Competition Teams

Teams ranging from Rose-Hulman Grand Prix Racing to Design-Build-Fly develop and test their latest designs before competing in national or international contests.

Two male students test the function of a project-in-process for a local children’s museum.

Senior Design Projects

You’ll have the faculty support, workspace, and resources to tackle projects for real-world clients, as you apply your academic studies to hands-on problem-solving.


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

- Steve Jobs

Co-founder, Apple Computer

Majors & Minors

We offer majors, minors, and a double major in Computer Science and Software Engineering. You can also major in International Computer Science, involving a year in Germany.

Male student looks closely at electrical device in lab.

Electrical Engineering

An Electrical Engineering degree involves the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, and will prepare you to work in a variety of industries, such as communications, biomedical, automotive and defense.

Male student wearing goggles works on wiring for electrical device.

Areas of Concentration

We offer several opportunities to enhance your degree with additional focus in specific areas.

Female professor points to laptop screen as male student looks on.

Computer Engineering

A degree in Computer Engineering combines elements of electrical engineering and computer science to enable you to understand the common hardware/software interface of computing and information systems, and prepare you to work in industries such as communication, biomedical, automotive and defense


There are many things I can say about the wonderful faculty and academics in the CSSE department, but what's most important to know is that you leave feeling like you were a part of a family. All of the faculty take a genuine interest in the students, regarding not only each student's education but also their lives in general.

- Tori Bowman

Rockwell Collins, RHIT 2004

Facilities & Resources

At Rose-Hulman, you’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge equipment provided by Eagle Test Systems and Texas Instruments, as you test complex electronics in our Test & Product Engineering Laboratory.

Female professor and male student work with computer equipment.

Cadence Software

Cadence Tools are integrated into our courses. See how we apply each of them to that course’s subject matter.

Two male students using laptop computer in in computer lab with others working in the background.


Our nine different instructional laboratories are designed to help you understand and apply your classroom lessons.

Dr. Simoni points to projected equations on large screen in classroom.

Dr. Mario Simoni

Dr. Mario Simoni, head of the department of electrical and computer engineering, is an innovative educator who stays on the leading edge of technical advances in electronics and electrical systems. He recently developed seven new courses for the department’s curriculum, and brought systems engineering concepts into the capstone design experience.

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