Student works on a project for the Indiana State Museum

The Rose Show

Our students are doing some really cool things! From capstone design projects for real-world clients to competition team innovations and from freshman design studio creations to senior thesis projects. The Rose Show is your chance to meet our students and see their work, ask questions and make connections.

Have you seen some of the amazing work our students are doing? They're taking what they learn in the classroom and using it to tackle all sorts of challenges. That's what engineers, scientists and mathematicians do, after all. But our students start doing it early--as early as their very first quarter--because we know that's how they become great problem solvers. 

For many years, Rose-Hulman (and Rose Poly before it) hosted an annual event called The Rose Show, to showcase to the public the innovative and interesting things students were doing on campus. We brought it back--with a modern twist. Along with inviting the general public, The Rose Show will have special opportunities for companies, professionals and alumni to interact with our students, provide feedback and make connections.

Come check out the cool things our students are doing—from design projects for real-world clients to cutting-edge research.

Rose Show 2023

Watch this quick recap video from Rose Show 2023 and view the complete list of our amazing student projects

The Latest News

the rose show
Image shows a student wearing a protective mask working on a Rose Show project.

Rose Show Showcases Student Creativity, Ingenuity and Reflection

the rose show

Student Ingenuity on Display in Projects at ‘The Rose Show’

the rose show

‘The Rose Show’ to Feature Student Projects

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