Megan Byrley

Megan Byrley

A Foreign Service Facility Manager for the U.S. Department of State who lives all over the world and loves reading about dragons and magic!
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How did Rose help you get where you are today?

Rose helped me tremendously! I spend most of my days troubleshooting and problem-solving. Rose helped me hone those skills by challenging me throughout my studies. They also emphasized how important it is to know where to find resources as opposed to memorizing them. Conditions change, and if you don't keep looking to the source, you might not recognize the change until it is too late! I spent a lot of my time at Hatfield Hall with the Rose Drama Club and the Student Alumni Association. Those experiences greatly improved my speaking skills and made me less shy, which has helped me at numerous diplomatic functions.

What professor had the biggest impact on you?

Can I cheat and say three? Dr. Brackin, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Taylor. Dr. Brackin worked with me at Operation Catapult before I was even a student and encouraged me to embrace my inner nerd! Dr. Williams and Dr. Taylor made my time at school so much more enjoyable. I had some stressful times in my mechanical engineering classes, and classes on Irish playwrights and fiction books kept me sane enough to finish my degree. Plus I got a great minor out of it! Thank you to all three of you!

Favorite or most-lasting memory from Rose?

My favorite memory is meeting my husband, Andrew Byrley, in differential equations. We didn't start dating for 3 more years, but it was the start of something good! My most lasting memory is the time that Alice Forehand accidentally stabbed me in the face during a live performance of The Three Musketeers. We had been given feedback that our fight the night before was too quiet, so we both really turned it on that night. Unfortunately, maybe a bit too much since the scene ended with blood all down the side of my face! I still have a scar to remember it forever, and there were no hard feelings since it gave me street cred. Anything for the theatre!

What's the nerdiest thing you do?

I only read fantasy novels. I know I should be trying to learn while I read...but sometimes you just want to read about dragons and magic! I'm on book 8 of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and I highly recommend it.

Best-kept secret at Rose?

How supportive the professors are of students. Head out to a bigger school and you might not be able to find your professor during office hours. The faculty at Rose genuinely care about your success and they show that in their assistance outside of class.

Advice for new Rose students?

Kindness matters, and being cool isn't important.
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