Campus Activities Educating Students to Follow Alumni in Giving Back

Friday, March 06, 2015
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Week Activities


  • Enlarged campus map, placed in the lobby of the Hulman Memorial Student Union, will showcase all buildings and spaces donated by alumni, friends, and foundations
  • Commemorative t-shirts will be distributed on campus to all students


  • Students will sign large Thank You card, and send personalized messages to donors supporting their scholarships


  • A 'Forever Rose' Garden featuring 4,000 miniature flags will cover the lawn near the Flame of Millennium Plaza. Each flag will represent each of the donors who made gifts to Rose-Hulman during the 2013-14 fiscal year.


  • Campus Trivia Storm event, with Student Alumni Association members spending the day asking students trivia questions related to institute gifts


  • Social Media Day with students and alumni sharing gratitude lists through the #ForeverRose hashtag


  • A dinner will feature students speaking about gratitude for their scholarships to Rose-Hulman, and donors talking about why they give to support the institute

Senior biomedical engineering student Alex Vasko is grateful for Rose-Hulman's student-centered education, and those donors among alumni, friends, and others who make it possible.

That's why he is promoting a spirit of philanthropy around campus by leading the effort to create the Class of 2015's memorial scholarship fund for Meleyna Kistner, a classmate killed in a car accident weeks before starting the 2014-15 school year.

"Seniors are giving back in a small way to collectively help ease the financial burden for future students," says Vasko. "We hope that burden doesn't exist down the road."

Those sentiments will be fostered during a week-long program, from March 9-14, designed to encourage an attitude of gratitude among Rose-Hulman students. This special week honors the lifelong "Forever Rose" relationship between the institute and its alumni.

Philanthropy is a learned behavior, which is why it is important to teach students about giving back to the college during their undergraduate years.

"We want our students to be aware and thankful for everything that has been done for them by their parents and the people who have come before them, our alumni and our donors," explains Jim Bertoli, executive director of alumni affairs. "We're instilling a sense of philanthropy, so students will be inspired to help others in the future."

One grateful student is Abby Williams, a junior biomedical engineering major who is the fourth Rose-Hulman student to receive the Vernon E. Hux Scholarship covering tuition, room and board, and other expenses. The scholarship is given to an outstanding Wabash Valley student attending a Vigo County college.

"I always wanted to go to Rose-Hulman, but financially it wasn't going to be possible for my family," Williams said. "The Hux scholarship means the world to me. There is simply no way I would be here without it. Attitude of Gratitude Week is a great way for me and other students to thank the scholarship donors and others who have had an impact on your life."

Rose-Hulman administrators hope that Attitude of Gratitude Week becomes an annual campus event, building a legacy of alumni donating back and being enthusiastic about the world-class education they received.

"Almost 150 years ago, Chauncey Rose put an organization in place that ensures we would be here today," notes President Jim Conwell. "We need to continue that type of philanthropy to allow us to exist 150 years into the future."

Alex Vasko

What I'm Grateful For at Rose-Hulman:

  • Student-centered education
  • Everybody as educator
  • Development of soft skills
  • Leadership opportunities

* Motivation of the student body

- Alex Vasko, Class of 2015, Biomedical Engineering

Abby Williams

What I'm Grateful For at Rose-Hulman:

  • My scholarship, because it brought me here
  • Excellent facilities
  • Housekeepers who know me by name
  • Supportive teachers who help me make good decisions

* A judgment-free environment among students

- Abby Williams, Class of 2016, Biomedical Engineering

Lauren Meadows

What I'm Grateful For at Rose-Hulman:

  • A supportive community
  • My basketball family
  • Scholarship funding that enables me to attend Rose-Hulman
  • Professors who want me to succeed
  • Career opportunities that stem from being a Rose-Hulman graduate

- Lauren Meadows, Graduate Student, Engineering Management
Class of 2014, Biomedical Engineering