Faculty, Staff Recognized for Dedication & Service

Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Faculty and staff members at this year’s Pre-Commencement Awards Ceremony included Kimberly Henthorn and Dan Marincel, Outstanding Academic Advisor; Lee Dagle, Shining Star; and Cory Pardieck, Make A Difference awards.

The Board of Trustees and administration have recognized several faculty and staff members for helping students to have success on campus and collaborating with others to make Rose-Hulman a better place to work and learn.

This year’s Pre-Commencement Awards event also recognized several faculty and staff members for their longtime service and achieving academic tenure status.

“While we've weathered our fair share of challenges in recent years, and undoubtedly more lie ahead, what continues to astonish me is the resilience and strength of our community,” said President Robert A. Coons during the ceremony. “The quality of education we offer remains as high as ever, if not better, and I firmly believe that our brightest days are yet to come.” 

The Excellence in Service Award was presented to 11 faculty and staff members for working together across multiple offices to implement the Degree Works online resource that assists students and academic advisors in course planning, tracking degree progress, and providing insight for future course demand. 

Recognized for their efforts were Registrar’s Office members Angie Smith, Karen Brimberry, and Betsy Rogers; Enterprise Information Technology Office members Danielle Merkel, Rob Moffett, Denny Utter, and Nick Sanders; Academic Affairs Office members Russ Warley, and Craig Downing; and faculty members Daniel Kawano and JP Mellor.

Meanwhile, Lee Dagle, administrative assistant for the Office of Innovation and Engineering Design, received the Shining Star Award for dedication to students, strong leadership, and positive contributions to the quality of campus life within her first five years of service. She oversees the logistics for nine student competition teams and two service groups, oversees the Kremer Innovation Center’s 3D printing center, and serves as an advisor and mentor for students using the Branam and Kremer Innovation Centers.

Cory Pardieck, director of residence life, earned the Make A Difference Award for being an “Unsung Hero” to students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff employers. He organized the Office of Student Affairs’ annual Greatest Floor event, which has residence hall teams competing in 24 physical, mental, and fun-filled challenges within a 24-hour period over the course of a weekend in January. This year’s event had the highest student participation in its 10-year history, and even included an alumni team (which won the event). 

Coons pointed out that Pardieck has been a tireless advocate or student needs and well-being. “His kindness, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile have touched the lives of countless students and staff members,” said the president. 

The Dr. John T. Ying Excellence Award for Student-Faculty Collaboration was given to Tanvir Pavel, assistant professor of economics, and Vineet Ranade, a computer engineering student.

Recognized as Outstanding Academic Advisors were Kimberly Henthorn, department head and associate professor of chemical engineering, and Dan Marincel, assistant professor of physics and optical engineering.

Computer Science and Software Engineering Professor Joe Hollingsworth received Red Tam honors for achieving full professor status, with tenure standing.

Coons was among faculty and staff members receiving length of service awards, completing his 35th year with the Institute. Other service honorees were Caroline Carville and Charles Joenathan, 35 years; Christine Buckley and David Mutchler, 30 years; Thomas Adams, Jameel Ahmed, Paula Clingerman, Rob Davignon, Galen Duree, David Finn, Tina Hudson, Elaine Kirkpatrick, Jeffery Leader, James Mayhew, Andreas Michel, Roger Sladek, Trudy Sladek, Jianjian Song, John Walton, Edward Wheeler, and Michael Wollowski, 25 years; and Rebecca DeVasher, Kay C Dee, Ella Ingram, Brenda Jacks, Dawn Miller, Mark Minster, Neil Morley, and Renee Rogge, 20 years.

Also, Brian Fair, Amy Helliwell, Felisa Javier-Holt, Jennifer Kenzor, Jeffrey Lanter, Kristen Bardou Loyd, Kelli Martin, Sean Moseley, Adam Nolte, Michelle Norman, Pamela Pahnke, Lori Vearrier, Alan Ward, and Ross Weatherman, 15 years; and Karen Brimberry, Heather Chenette, Nathan Chenette, Paul Christensen, Michael Compton, Richard Davis, T. Wayne Dennison, Matthew English, Timothy Grose, Katherine Hammett, Mark Hays, Stephanie Hill, Jonathan Lester, LeEllen Martin, Austin Nicosin, Daniel Tryon, Chad Weber, Aaron Wilkin, and Ryder Winck, 10 years.