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Rules & Procedures - Part-Time Student

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.

Part-Time Student

Enrollment in at least 12 credits of course work in any one term constitutes being a Full-Time Student. A student enrolled for fewer than 12 credits of course work in any one term is classified as a Part-Time Student or Special Student. For more information, see Classification of Students.

A student who wishes to register for fewer than 12 credits in a term or who, in the course of a term, wishes to reduce the academic load below 12 credits must petition the Admissions and Standing Committee.

  1. A senior who needs only one or two courses to complete graduation requirements in the final term will generally be permitted to enroll as a Part-Time Student.
  2. A student planning to transfer from Rose-Hulman may be granted permission to enroll as a Special Student. For more information see Classification of Students.
  3. Other students may be denied permission to reduce their course load, even though they are having academic difficulties. Experience has shown that carrying a lighter course load does not necessarily improve academic performance and may actually impair it. Also, Rose-Hulman considers it a possible dilution of the quality of its degree to award it to students who have not, in the main, shown themselves capable of carrying the full, normal course load.
  4. Normally, a student will not be permitted Part-Time or Special Student status for more than one term.


A student on academic probation who enrolls for a term as a Part-Time Student will normally be permitted to remain in school if the student's GPA is raised sufficiently, but the probation will not be removed. Probation can only be removed for satisfactory work as a Full-Time Student. The student may be dismissed from Rose-Hulman if academic progress is unsatisfactory.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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