What is gender-inclusive housing?
This type of environment is a residence hall space in which community members are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for people of all gender identities and expressions. 

First-Year Living Environment
For first-year students arriving on campus in the fall, we offer one gender-inclusive living space. In this area, students may select any roommate they prefer, or if they do not know a specific person, may indicate their preference of who they would like to room with.  All students in this community opt-in, even if they prefer living in a single-sex room, but want to be an ally to the living environment.  More details can be found in the FAQs.

Living Environment Options for Upperclassmen
For years after the traditional freshman year, we will continue offering a Gender-Inclusive Living Environment, but will also expand the options for students who want to simply live with mixed sexes or genders. Upperclass students will be able to select their own roommates, with no restrictions based on sex or gender.  

Gender-Inclusive Living FAQ


Gender-inclusive housing is a residential space in which roommates of any combination of biological sexes, gender identities, or gender expressions choose to live together. 

Gender Identity is the internal perception of one’s gender and how an individual labels themselves.

Gender Expression is the external display of one’s gender, through a combination of dress, demeanor, social behavior, and other factors, historically measured on scales of masculinity and femininity.

Ally is a person who supports and respects members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Where will first year gender-inclusive living be housed?

It is anticipated that gender-inclusive housing will be offered to first year students in one of our triplets style halls - Blumberg, Mees, or Scharpenberg. Bedrooms in these halls have the same layout.

Bathroom spaces are community bathrooms. Each bathroom includes a shower stall, 2 sinks, and a toilet stall. Bathrooms are open to all individuals. Anyone can use any bathroom. Each bathroom will be labeled with “All-gender bathrooms/restrooms” door signs.

Full details are available on our residence halls page.

Does the gender-inclusive living environment encompass the entire hall?

The portion of the hall designated to being a gender-inclusive living environment will depend on how many students opt into this living environment.

    Do I have to live in a gender-inclusive living environment?

    Students always have the option of living in a traditional, single-sex living environment, but may opt into a gender-inclusive living environment.

    What if I want a single and to live in the gender-inclusive living environment?

    As with all housing, a single can be requested but will be granted based on availability.

    Can I live in a single-sex room but still be in the gender-inclusive living environment?

    Yes. When completing the housing survey, this is listed as an option.

    What happens with moves/vacancies?

    Vacancies will be handled on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the makeup of the space.

    Can I live with my partner or significant other?

    As with all roommate assignments, we discourage students in a romantic/sexual relationship or partnership from being roommates with one another. It is our experience that students gain more from our residential communities when they do not reside with their partner. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose your partner as your roommate.


      What staff support will I have? What gender(s)?

      As with any other freshman floor, students will have access to a supportive Resident Assistant and two Sophomore Advisors that work with their floor. The gender of these student staff members will vary year to year, based on applicant qualifications.

      Student staff members are trained in:
      • Supporting students of different gender identities
      • LGBTQ+ terminology and topics
      • Supporting students who are coming out
      • Addressing homophobia and transphobia
      • Use of personal pronouns
      • Connecting students to appropriate resources
      These staff members receive continual training through:
      • Safe Zone General Training
      • Advanced Safe Zone Training: Trans/Non-Binary Identities
      • Advanced Safe Zone Training: Asexual/Aromantic Orientations
      • Professional staff-led skill development workshops

        What are the options after my freshman year?

        For years after the traditional “freshman” year, we will continue offering a Gender-Inclusive Living Environment, but will also expand the options for students who want to simply live in an apartment with mixed sexes or genders. Current students can learn more on My Rose-Hulman.

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