Reapplying for Financial Aid

Funds returned to the federal government reimburse the individual federal programs from which you received aid. Financial aid returned (by Rose-Hulman and/or the student or parent) must be allocated, in the following order, up to the net amount disbursed from each source:

  1. Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  2. Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  3. Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan or Grad PLUS Loan
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  6. Other Federal Loans or Grant Assistance

Study Abroad
If you will be enrolled in a Rose-Hulman study abroad program, you may apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid and be considered for all federal aid programs except Work-Study. Depending upon the cost of the study abroad program, we may or may not be able to meet your full demonstrated financial need to attend. If you will be participating in a study abroad program you must file a consortium agreement with the Office of Financial Aid to start the financial aid process.

Special situations

Requesting a Re-evaluation of Aid Eligibility
The Office of Financial Aid recognizes that some students and their families experience special circumstances that affect their ability to pay college costs. Contact us immediately when family financial circumstances change. Our ability to provide additional assistance will be determined by when you inform us of the change and provide documentation and whether funds are available at the time you contact us.
Circumstances that will be considered including the following:

  1. Loss of income (wages, benefits, etc.) because of unemployment
  2. High unreimbursed medical and/or dental expenses
  3. Financial loss due to bankruptcy, foreclosure or natural disaster

How to file a Special Circumstance
If you have a question or concern regarding a financial aid policy or decision, or you wish to present a special circumstance to our office, follow the below procedures.

  1. Present your situation to a financial aid officer. All options should be explored with the financial aid officer before moving to the next step in the request for special circumstances. If the situation cannot be resolved at this step, the financial aid officer will determine whether the request should go to step 2.
  2. Your situation needs to be presented in a form of the Special Circumstance Form that is located on the Financial Aid webpage under forms. Please provide the required documents to the Director of Financial Aid at Rose-Hulman.
  3. The Director of Financial Aid will review the request and return a determination of the documentation to the give email address. This determination may take up to 6 weeks and special circumstances will not be looked at until after June 1 of every year for the next academic year.
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