Rose Accelerates Summer 2022 Courses:

Biology 101 

Surveys basic concepts in the biological sciences and describes how new advances related to these concepts affect contemporary society.


Music Theory 1

Teaches basic techniques of music notation and analysis of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and style. Includes a comprehensive Analysis Project.


Introduction to Film Studies

Covers the formal elements of film and provides a vocabulary for analyzing film. Introduces film theory and criticism.


Rhetoric and Composition

Emphasizes rhetorical analysis of texts and images, research methods, and the conventions of academic writing, including argumentation.


Calculus 1

Calculus and analytic geometry in the plane. Algebraic and transcendental functions. Limits and continuity. Differentiation, geometric and physical interpretations of the derivative, Newton’s method. Introduction to integration and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.


Chemistry w/Lab

Topics include stoichiometry, nomenclature, phases, thermochemistry, and writing balanced chemical equations. Quantum theory is introduced in relation to chemical applications. Atomic structure is introduced. Bonding principles and molecular structure are discussed in terms of Lewis Dot Structures, Valence Bond Theory, VSEPR Theory, Hybridization, and Molecular Orbital Theory. Fundamental chemistry laboratory skills are introduced along with data analysis.


Intro to Software Development

An introduction to procedural and object-oriented programming with an emphasis on problem solving. Problems may include visualizing scientific or commercial data, interfacing with external hardware such as robots, or solving numeric problems from a variety of engineering disciplines. Procedural programming concepts covered include data types, variables, control structures, arrays, and data I/O. Object-oriented programming concepts covered include object creation and use, object interaction, and the design of simple classes. Software engineering concepts covered include testing, incremental development, understanding requirements, and teamwork.

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