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Course Descriptions

The physics curriculum is designed to develop a strong foundation in classical and modern physics, which will serve as a basis for future specialization, for additional study at the graduate level, and for design and development work in industrial laboratories. The curriculum emphasizes basic physical concepts, and includes extensive work in mathematics and related areas.

PH 090 - College Preparatory Physics

  • Credit Hours: 4R-0L-4C
  • Term Available: -
  • Prerequisites: College Algebra II
  • Corequisites: None

Topics covered include: Units, significant figures, vectors, 1 and 2 dimensional motion; kinematic equations, objects in free-fall, motion in a circle, projectile motion, Newton’s Laws, contact forces, non-contact forces: gravity, Coulomb’s Law, magnetic force; centripetal force; collisions, linear momentum, rotational kinematics, torques, angular momentum, mechanical equilibrium - static equilibrium. The credits from this course cannot be counted toward any degree completion at Rose-Hulman.

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