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Course Descriptions

Our engineering design program offers an intensive hands-on education taught by experienced professors from both engineering and the humanities and social sciences. The program is designed to teach students the depth and breadth of the design process along with the necessary technical tools and professional skills to improve the world we live in. Engineering Design is an undergraduate program.

ENGD 100 - Design and Communication Studio

  • Credit Hours: 6R-10L-8C
  • Term Available: F
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: No
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Corequisites: None

Integrates rhetorical analysis, research methods, and the conventions of academic writing into the design process. Introduces disability studies, a multi-disciplinary field that identifies, challenges, and re-conceptualizes representations of disability. Includes problem definition, analysis, alternate solutions, and specifications of final solutions. Uses sketching, computer-aided drawings, and traditional orthographic drawings to communicate design decisions. Introduces teamwork through group design efforts and instruction. Successful completion of this studio satisfies the requirements of HUM H140, EM 103, and EM 104. Students may not receive credit towards graduation for both ENGD 100 and any of HUM H140, EM 103, and EM 104.

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