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Course Descriptions

The Computer Science curriculum prepares students for careers in all areas of the computer industry as well as for graduate studies in computer science and computer related fields. Students have also found a computer science major to be excellent preparation for careers in law, medicine, business administration, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering, and other technical and non-technical fields.

CSSE 433 - Advanced Database Systems

  • Credit Hours: 4R-0L-4C
  • Term Available: S
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: Yes
  • Prerequisites: CSSE 333
  • Corequisites: None

This course covers advanced topics in the design and development of database management systems and their modern applications. Topics to be covered include query processing and, in relational databases, transaction management and concurrency control, eventual consistency, and distributed data models. This course introduces students to NoSQL databases and provides students with experience in determining the right database system for the right feature. Students are also exposed to polyglot persistence and developing modern applications that keep the data consistent across many distributed database systems.

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