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The Rose‑Hulman Master of Science in Engineering Management and Master of Engineering Management are designed for engineers who seek to deepen their technical background while acquiring solid, forward-looking management credentials. In our curricula, you'll find the management foundations of an MBA, but with added technical focus. We provide technology and business leaders a convenient fast track to the integration of management skills and critical technical knowledge.

EMGT 401 - Multidisciplinary, Entrepreneurial Design I: Capture the Vision

  • Credit Hours: 3R-XL-4C
  • Term Available: -
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: No
  • Prerequisites: Junior, Senior, or consent of instructor
  • Corequisites: None

Explores design processes characterized by interdisciplinary activity and focus on commercial success. Includes basic design processes with emphasis on data collection and specification, with special attention to the voice of the customer. Develops at least three creativity techniques and identifies sources of ideas for successful innovation. Demonstrates procedures for assessing markets and establishing conceptual business models and describes the fundamentals of project planning and management. Addresses aspects of professional practice -- -- ethics, communication, contemporary issues, social impacts, global context and team work in the design process. Uses a team project on reverse engineering to tie together course objectives, and identifies an entrepreneurial or appropriate externally sponsored project topic for later courses. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. (Students completing MG 461 may not receive credit for ME 470.)

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